Book Review: Fate’s Love by L.A. Cotton


Name: Fate’s Love

Author: L.A. Cotton


**ARC provided from author in exchange for an honest review**

This was SUCH a nice surprise. I got this ARC a few days ago and I was hooked from the start. I enjoyed every page, even though I was frustrated at times (in a good way), but I just couldn’t stop reading. Which is always good, very good.

A little bit about the story.

Fate’s Love tells the story of Olivia Bannon. First it starts with her as a teenager, she’s about to graduate from high school, has all her life planned out, and she can’t wait to get everything she ever wanted, which is get through high school, college and get her degree. And only that. She has never needed a boy by her side because, to her, happily ever afters don’t exist. Boys get you distracted from what you want and they’ll only break your heart. If her father, the man who was supposed to love her no matter what, could leave her and never look back, how can a boy stay with her? Make her happy? Not hurt her? She doesn’t get it. That is, until she meets Ethan *swoon*, and even then, she can’t really give herself completely. So she walks away. Not only once, but twice.

But fate has its own way of doing things.

I really like that the story was set in different times, I mean, first we meet everyone while they’re in high school, then, Livy goes to college, meets new people, experience new things, except falling for someone. Sometimes, the story was a little slow, but then it would pick up a little, hooking me up again. I enjoyed every second of it.

Olivia *Livy* Bannon is a really centered kind of girl. She’s set to do whatever she has to do to get into college and getting her degree, even if that means staying home studying and missing all the parties everyone’s so enthralled with. So, when she finally goes to one of these parties, she’s not expecting to meet sweet and gorgeous Ethan. The attraction is instant and the pull toward each other couldn’t be any more obvious. Even then she could feel something strange, something she hadn’t felt before. But it’s also something intriguing. And there’s nothing she can do about those feelings except hide them from everyone else, but herself.

She’s really stubborn, let me tell you. I was so frustrated at times because there was no way she was going to let him in. Not when he told her how he felt about her in high school, not when he told her, yet again, how he felt about her in college. More than once I wanted to grab her and yell at her, because seriously, Ethan was just so sweet.

Ethaaaan. Well, he is something. I loved his sweetness, his patience, his strength, his vulnerability and the fact that he always ended up in Livy’s life, some way or another. He was always there to support her, even when she wouldn’t accept him into her life, he was always there for her. I just loved him.

There were a few things I noticed though. What happened to Livy’s sister? What changed her mind? I mean, I know she was only a teenager when the book started, and that was probably the reason why she was so mean to Livy and everyone else.. but then, when they got older, it was like they were always best friends. I mean, I assume she just grew up and realized she had a good sister, so she didn’t have to be mean, but, I would’ve liked to read a little more if something happened that made her change her mind, did they got closer when Livy went to college?

Another thing I noticed was that, Livy never actually said the words “I love you” to Ethan and if she did, I don’t remember it. I believe, since she was the one who had trust issues and love issues, that would’ve helped her grow a bit more and would’ve let her let him in.

I really liked the book, it was very interesting and hooked me from the start.

Thank you L.A. Cotton for letting me read your book!


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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Fate’s Love by L.A. Cotton

  1. L. A. Cotton

    Thank you so much for your review Daniela


    1. lostinabookblog

      You’re welcome Lianne 🙂 I hope it’s useful haha! Thank you for giving me the chance to read it, I really enjoyed it! <3


  2. sandys5

    nice review.


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