Book Review: Finale (Hush, Hush #4) by Becca Fitzpatrick


Fitzpatrick, B. - Finale

Name: Finale (Hush, Hush #4)

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Rating: 4 stars


The last book of the series. This has been a good series, I’ve been more hooked with the last two, but I’ve enjoyed reading them a lot.

Ok, so.. This is the story of Nora Grey. How her life changed in a matter of days, all since she met the mysterious, annoying and arrogant fallen angel, Patch. Only he stopped being annoying and became all for Nora (arrogant and mysterious on the other hand?.. Yes, he’ll always be that). So now, she’s a Nephilim. After swearing an oath to Hank Millar, she has to lead his Nephilim army to freedom, if she doesn’t succeed, she and her mom will die.

Now Nora has to train and become the leader she’s been forced to be, which makes her relationship with Patch a lot more complicated, since they’re not supposed to be together. With everyone believing they’ve broken up, Nora will do everything she can to find all the information from the Nephilim side and Patch from the fallen angels side, so they both can create a plan in which they can finally be together and end the war. Easier said than done. Along the way, Nora is introduced to a new and addictive power, which allows her to be a better Nephilim, yes… But it also makes her act everything but herself. Lies and mind-tricks become part of her daily routine.

With some story twists and some backstabbing characters, Patch and Nora will have to find a way to overcome all these obstacles to finally be together.

Ok so, my thoughts on this book:

First, well the story is really well written, there’s a lot of suspense and some good twists, which makes the story really interesting. The whole fallen angel-nephilim war is a bit troubled because of course.. first we get to see it from the POV where Hank is the bad guy, which makes all Nephilim bad guys, so we end up wishing they would just stop the war. But in this book… now that Nora is a Nephilim too, you get to understand that the war is kind of necessary, why? Because it’s not fair Nephilim have to put up with being possessed against their will. Their freedom becomes something important to Nora and to the reader too.

About the characters.. Well, Nora got to be her annoying self again… Yes! I thought she was getting better, on the third book she was a lot braver and got more courage and I thought she was a lot more secure of herself. But not in this one. Here, she starts doubting herself and Patch all over again, and not only that.. I like when female characters are strong girls, determined in what they want and need, but in Nora’s case.. she’s just too stubborn. Sometimes, you gotta take the help someone else is offering you, especially if that someone is PATCH. But, yes.. not all is bad. Nora’s been growing a lot through the story… She’s learned to be strong and to trust she can do the things she’s been meant to do. She can make you get mad a lot of times but she’s a relatable character. She’s going through a lot and she knows she can’t trust just anyone. So everything gets more difficult to deal with.

Patch.. Well he’s the same arrogant guy but my, oh, my. I just love Patch. He’s completely in love with Nora, that much is obvious. His only problem I guess it would be that he’s too secretive all the time. But, every time he’s with Nora, he always finds a way to make up for it. He does everything to protect Nora and more.

Towards the end of the book, everything gets more intense. The battle starts and Nora has to face everything alone. And this is where I had a problem. I didn’t mind Nora fighting this war practically alone, she had to do it. But at some point, everything started happening so fast, it felt like it was just to get everything out of the way. To end the book quickly. Some solutions and some revelations came out of nowhere… So that made the ending a bit disappointing.




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