Book Review: Forbidden (The Arotas Trilogy #1) by Amy Miles


Miles, A. - Forbidden

Name: Forbidden (The Arotas Trilogy #1)

Author: Amy Miles

Rating: rating-4

line2Well, what a nice surprise this was 🙂

This is a story of Immortals, they’re a lot like vampires, but are not. Roseline Dragomir, is now Roseline Enescue. When she was 17 years old, was forced into marrying Vladimir Enescue, and that dreadful day ended up turning into a massacre. Everyone she cared about was killed by Vladimir’s and Lucien’s (his brother) hands, and that same day she was reborn. Now, she’s 300 years old. After a few failed attempts at escaping, now she finds her chance. She manages to leave Bran Castle and she’s not planning to ever go back.

My thoughts:

So, the plot turned out to be really interesting. The story of Roseline’s life isn’t that specific, I mean, we don’t get a look at how it is at Bran Castle, how Vladimir treats her, we just get glimpses of it, what she’s been through during all those 300 years living there. It’s obvious how much she despises her life there and her “husband”, and she can only trust and feel safe around one person there, her best friend Fane. But that’s not enough, she needs out. She wants to be free of that torturous monster. I read somewhere that the character wasn’t badass enough. I have to disagree there, I mean yeah, the girl isn’t the typical I’m-gonna-kick-your-ass kind of girl, at least not always, but she was a pretty strong character to me.

So, Roseline finally gets out. She goes to America to find some peace from her old life, what she wasn’t expecting was to make friends and fall in love. And that’s what scares her the most. Falling for a human is forbidden. Her relationship with Gabriel was something special. It’s obvious Roseline is fighting with all she has to stay away, but the pull is just too strong. I liked the way their relationship was described. It didn’t feel like it was too fast or too exaggerated. The connection between them was instant, yes, but their relationship was not. So you get the chance to see a development in their love story. The story itself was really well paced and nicely written. I really enjoyed it.

The characters:

So, I felt for Roseline from the start. The girl hates being what she is and what had to be done to make her an Immortal and she may not have stood up for herself during those 300 years in front of Vladimir, but I understand why she didn’t. The guy is a monster. And, to be fair, to have to go through all that torture and still be brave enough to try to escape… That’s pretty badass to me. I understood the way she acted when she got to Chicago, she wanted to stay under the radar but trouble kept finding her. And by trouble I mean Gabriel <3. I liked how she felt about him, even though she kep running away from him. She was just trying to keep herself safe.

Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. Oh I like you. He’s honest. He’s impulsive. He’s strong and he’s open minded. I liked how he was always telling Rose how he felt, even though she wouldn’t tell him anything back. I loved how he would risk anything to help Roseline. Yes, he acted like a jerk sometimes, but he’s a guy. They can be pretty infuriating sometimes (haha).

Then we have Fane. Oh Fane, I’m not sure about you yet. You’re the other guy of the story so (or that’s who I think you are).. I’m sorry, but by default I don’t like you. I didn’t like his attitude towards Roseline, I understand where he’s coming from but I don’t know. Let’s see how this goes when I start the second book ;).

I already one-clicked the box set, so let’s see how that goes. I’m pretty excited about it!


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