Book Review: Friend Is A Four Letter Word by Steph Campbell


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Name: Friend is a Four Letter Word

Author: Steph Campbell

Rating: rating-3


FFLW was a complicated read for me. This was my first Steph Campbell book, and I know this was the fourth book in this series, even though it was a standalone. I think this is the reason I found myself being more intrigued by every other character besides the main two, Carter and Shayna.

Shayna, a wild child party girl, has just made a huge revelation about her life and wants to change for the better. This makes her go on a voyage of “self discovery.”

Carter, the big brother to Shayna’s kind of friend, Quinn, definitely has his fair share of secrets.

To say this pair is…odd, would be an understatement. From the beginning they both stare there was this perfect chemistry but I don’t know. I just didn’t read it that way I guess. And the ending!! I’m so glad they both overcame their biggest obstacles, really I am!! But where are my answers??? How are things with the parents? Nolan? Did they actually solve their problems?? I hope I get to read more about them to see.



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