Book Review: Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi

ignitemeName: Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3)
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Daniela’s Rating: 3 stars

Daniela’s review

If you haven’t read the previous books, please DO NOT read this review. 

You know how much I loved the two other books. I completely adored Shatter Me and Unravel Me. Everything about it was beyond fantastic: the writing, the characters, the story. Perfect.

Now, Ignite Me… I’m not so sure!

I don’t know if it’s me or if there’s someone feeling the same way I am, but this is not the first time I don’t like the last book of a series. And it COMPLETELY SUCKS, because how come I absolutely adore the entire series, except for the last book? And not the entire book but the freaking ending. *sigh*

Ignite Me is the last book of Juliette’s story. This is the book where everything is going to be ok or go straight to hell. I have to say, I enjoyed pretty much everything: Juliette is now stronger than she’s ever been. She’s finally accepting her powers as gifts and using them to do the good she’s always wanted to do. I loved that she finally accepted herself as she was. No more hiding, no more nervousness around people. And it’s all because of her determination and Warner. *God, I love him.* After being through hell and back, she now has to face her biggest fear, her biggest threat. The father of the boy she loves. Is she ready to finally face him? Will she have to do it alone? Can she do it alone?

I enjoyed pretty much everything. Until one particular point.

Things I liked:

I loved the writing style. It was slightly different that the other two books, but I understand why it was like that. In book one we have this messed up girl. Juliette’s been isolated from human contact since she was little, so of course she had to be a little messed up in the head. You can tell that from the way Tahereh wrote her words. In book two, we’re introduced to a more desperate side of Juliette. She’s fighting for her life and the boy who’s always been there for her, she needs him to be safe, so her voice is a lot more desperate and nervous, but she’s somewhat freer and that makes her thoughts a lot calmer. Then, we have the last book. In this, you can tell she’s completely healed from all the hurting she had to face before. She’s not only calmed, but she’s ready to fight back. There are no more confused and crazy thoughts. I loved being able to see how much she grew.

I loved Juliette’s determination. She kind of reminded me a lot of Katniss. She has this sense of survival and this inner strength that makes her special. I loved how she managed to survive and still kept her mind and heart almost completely intact. I won’t say I agreed with every decision she made, but I guess I understand her reasons.

I loved, loved, LOVE Warner. That boy. Oh man, that boy will drive you crazy with love. I have to say, book 2 changed everything for me. His passionate personality is addictive. I love everything about him. I just wish so many things. I needed more.

Juliette and Warner. God. Their short private moments. The were all so full of tension and passion and need and sadness and hope. They were frustrating as they were intense. I loved them all. Each of them revealed a new side of those two, and they made me fall completely in love with Warner.

Kenji? I loved him. His sense of humor, even in the saddest of times, him trying to lighten the mood put a smile on my face. He’s funny and I just want to hug him.

Things I didn’t like:

Adam. Ugh, it’s not that I didn’t like you, it’s that I really, truly didn’t like you AT ALL. The boy we thought we knew turned out to be a complete jackass, and that sucked. I missed the good and caring and trust worthy guy. I missed him.

Juliette and Warner. What the hell was that? You know that turning point, in which the main girl realizes how much she loves the boy and how much she wants to be with him? Well, this was great, until she saw him. After that, their conversations disappeared and their passion was not the same. They felt weird to me, somehow. I know this might sound cryptic, I just don’t want to give anything away. But it frustrated me until the last page.

The battle. WHAT the hell was THAT?! Where was Warner? Where was Kenji? Where were the others? What did they do? What happened??? It didn’t last as long as it should have. It didn’t have as many details as it should have. I don’t think ending a war is that easy. It takes more than just taking down the head of the bad guys. It felt a bit rushed.

*sigh* I really don’t know what’s wrong with me or if there’s anything wrong at all. I just can’t seem to just “be kind of happy” with something. I can’t just settle with barely-there kisses and conversations and actions.

I’ve come to a point in my reading life that it’s all or nothing, and with this I don’t mean it has to end the way I want it to. Not at all. I just want it to be consistent.


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