Book Review: Inescapable (The Premonition #1) by Amy A. Bartol


Name: Inescapable (The Premonition #1)
Author: Amy A. Bartol
Rating: rating-5

OH MY GOD, this book.

Inescapable - Amy A. BartolOh I LOVED this book so freaking much. This was an incredible good surprise. I found this book one day here in Goodreads and thought “Ok, this sounds pretty interesting, let’s give it a try” and WOW. I’m actually reading this for the second time, and man I loved it even more. It’s unbelievable. This is seriously one of my favorite books, my favorite series in the “Fallen Angel” category.

This is the story of Evie Claremont. She’s just starting college and she can’t wait to start this new, independent life. As soon as she starts she meets Reed Wellington, the rich, popular and good looking Reed, but also the not so nice Reed. And she can’t stop having this feeling in her stomach, feel this attraction towards him, every time he’s near. But, he’s an asshole, he couldn’t act like he liked her even if his life depended on it. Also, she meets sweet Russell. He’s nice, attentive, sweet and loyal. They both arrived into her life and with them… a whole new life, one she didn’t believe existed.

Inescapable has such a great story. This is so well paced, everything makes sense and it all happens exactly when it has to happen, nothing too fast and nothing too slow. It was perfect. I was hooked from the first page. It’s amazing how intrigued I was and how interesting I found the book and the characters.

Evie is such a strong female character, I loved that about her. Even when she was miserable, she tried so hard to keep her face held high. She doesn’t take anything for granted and she stands up for herself. She’s the kind of character you just love, because she’s so relatable. She’s a normal girl, trying to start her new life and be the best person she can be and she has such a big heart, so much so that she’s willing to sacrifice herself to protect the ones she loves. I love how much she’s capable of loving, you just feel it, how much she worries about everyone she cares about, how much she cares in general. She’s determined to do what she thinks it’s the right thing to do.

“You’re what I want. No other angel, or man, will ever stand above you in my esteem, in my regard, or in my love.”

-Evie Claremont.

Reed, Reed, Reed. Oh my Reed! He is… wow. One of my favorite things in the book. At first, he has the mean mask up, but as you get to know him… you can’t help but fall in love with him and if you don’t in this book, you’ll love him in the next. There’s no way around it. Why? Because his feelings are just so desperate, so deep. He doesn’t just loves, he adores; his sadness isn’t just sadness, it’s agony. And the beautiful thing about it was that, even though the book is from Evie’s POV, I was able to feel everything Reed was feeling, he just put his entire heart in everything he said.

“I cannot go back to sleep, Evie. You are the only thing that makes me want to live. If you leave here, if you ascend to Paradise, or even if you are cast into the abyss, or taken there by the Fallen…I will have to follow you, no matter where you go. Even if I have to pursue you into the dark…if you cease to be, then so will I. You are my sin and my redemption.”

-Reed Wellington.

Yes, I got butterflies every time Reed came into the scene. 😉

The rest of the characters… what can I say? They all play an important part in Evie’s story. She needs them to survive, but more than that, she needs them in her life to make her happy. They’re all kind of little pieces Evie was missing somehow. They all help her understand, grieve and grow up. They all complete her in some way or another.

I love Buns and Brownie. They are very happy characters, they seem to know exactly what to say and what to do to help Evie. They are true friends to her and you can see that since their first encounter. They are strong, a bit dangerous but very careful at the same time. They’re thoughtful and they’re considerate.

Zee. Well, I just love him. He’s tough and mysterious and sweet at the same time. It’s like, he has all this strength but underneath it, there’s a whole layer of sweetness. He worries and he wants what’s best for Evie and the rest of them. I think he has the knowledge of a father. I don’t know, he’s simply wonderful.

And then… we have Russell. That’s a hard one, let me tell you. Yes, he’s sweet and he cares about Evie so much, but come on. Could he be any more annoying? I mean, just leave Evie and Reed alone. They’re right for each other. I like Russell, but I love Read so… Yeah. I’ll stay with Reed.

Seriously, this series is simply AMAZING. I am so thankful to have found it. It’s a wonderful surprise and a must read.

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  1. L. A. Cotton

    great review… great book! = )


    1. lostinabookblog

      Thank you, Lianne! This book is absolutely amazing 🙂 <3


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