Book Review: Living With Regret (Rain #3) by Lisa DeJong


Name: Living with Regret (Rain #3)

Author: Lisa De Jong


Lisa De Jong does yet AGAIN. Wow, I just… Loved this.

“A life without hope is a life without purpose. I need hope.”


Living with regret is the story of Rachel. We met her at the end of When It Rains and then a bit more in After The Rain. She was living with Beau and her boyfriend, Cory, who meant the world to her. They’ve been together since school and they were forever… Or so she thought. After one fight and one night that turned into a horrible mess, Kate’s life changed and there was no turning back. And the worst thing was… she couldn’t remember any of it.

What she thought was her forever, no longer was. Now she has to face a part of her past, live in the present and think of her future.

Once again, this book is one beautiful story which includes so many layers of depth and emotions, it definitely sucks you in and won’t let go until you finish the damn book. I couldn’t stop once I started. Actually, I was already crying within 2 chapters. Yeah, you Lisa are quite the master with ugly cries.

So, the story. Living With Regret tells the story of a girl who’ve had it all, all her life. A loving family, a nice house, a lot of friends and the hottest boyfriend in town. At least that’s what everyone thinks, but we all know looks can be deceiving. In reality, her parents are always so preoccupied about appearances, what people might think of them; her friends act like friends only for the good stuff, the parties, etc.; and her boyfriend… well, it’s been a while since they’ve been okay. Nothing’s really what it appears on the outside. You must take a closer look to really see someone, to really know what she or he is going through. To know what makes them happy, sad, angry, excited… Kate had that. And no, it was not Cory.

Sam Shea.

Kate’s had a friend that’s been her life constant, her stability, her confidant, her protector, her best friend since she was 8 years old. But life got in the way of that. Until now.

I seriously loved the way the book was written. Kate’s struggle is real, it felt completely real to me and she wasn’t the depressing kind of girl. Actually, she was strong. Of course, she has some downs but she always came up and managed to get it behind, learning from her mistakes and her decisions. Even though her world as she knew it was crumbling under her feet, she kept fighting to breathe and live. I loved that. The people around her kept showing her that there are bad things in the world but, some of them still managed to prove to her that there’s also good, that there are stuff still worth fighting for. Her struggle is not easy, not by a long shot, but she proves to be one hell of a heroine, thinking about what she wants and needs to be happy.

“No one should hold onto an idea that long; it either needs to become a reality or be abandoned, because ideas are just thoughts without effort or belief behind them.”

Sam is the forever kind of guy. He reminded me a lot of Beau, which is a beautiful thing since I ADORED him. He’s the kind of guy that will be at your side no matter what happens, no matter how much time it passes, he’ll always be there for you to lean on. He’s been Rachel’s rock since they were kids, but she was also his. They shared whatever they had going on in their lives, they saw each other for who they really were. I just loved that. I wish I would’ve known a bit more about Sam though… I kept thinking his story, his background was a bit vague. I wanted to know everything about him. I mean, I knew he loved Rachel deeply. I knew he would’ve done anything for her to be happy but I wanted to know more about him, his family, his life in general. But still, him just being there… *swooooon*

“Sam Shea is one of those forever guys. The kind you like a little more with each minute you spend with him. The kind that opens your heart slowly and crawls deep inside before you even realize what’s happening.”

Lisa de Jong knows how to make a good story. This has everything you need in one. A strong girl, a swoon worthy boy and a beautiful story to go with them. I just love her and her books <3.



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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Living With Regret (Rain #3) by Lisa DeJong

  1. One Curvy Blogger

    AHHHH, this book sounds Devine. Definitely a book I would love to read. 🙂


    1. lostinabookblog

      It really was! I enjoyed every second of it 🙂 even the parts j found myself crying haha! -Daniela!


  2. Tammy Tracy

    Wow awesome review


    1. lostinabookblog

      Hey! Thank youuuu! Its so cool to get a comment like this haha! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it, hope it was helpful!


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