Book Review: Lost & Found (Emi Lost & Found #1) by Lori L. Otto


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Name: Lost & Found (Emi Lost & Found #1)

Author: Lori L. Otto

Rating: rating-5


Oh, I just love books that make me smile… Even though I spent a lot of the time I was reading this book mad at Nate.. There were some parts that had my heart jumping up and down!

This first book introduces you to Emi and Nate’s friendship, which is clearly more than just that, although they just won’t admit it. They laugh and they fight, but they always find their way to each other, thank God because I died a little every time they had a fight. My thoughts on their relationship is that, sure, it’s not easy to jump to the unknown, especially when you know the risks of doing it. So I understood where both of them were coming from, BUT, if you don’t take risks, how are you really going to find out if things will work out or not? sometimes you just have to have faith that it will.

The story was beautifully written, it was well paced and I felt every emotion, from frustration, anger and sadness to happiness and giddiness. The characters were awesome. Let’s start with Nate… Yeah, he messed up… quite a lot, actually, but still, he had my heart from the very start. It was obvious how much he cared about Emi, but he didn’t know what to do with his feelings, especially since he didn’t feel like he was worthy of her. That’s never good. And besides, after all he always had good intentions. He just wants to have a nice life, he knows it could be better with Emi, but that’s something he’s sure is never going to happen, so he has to settle with something, right? (Wrong, soooooo wrong!)

Emi on the other hand, she knows what she wants. She wants her dreamy happily ever after, and she’s determined to get it. But let’s get something straight… Life’s hard and relationships are even harder, especially when you’re not honest with yourself and how you feel. But anyway… I loved her! Even when Nate was being a complete ass, she was good to him, but not because she was a pushover or stupid.. No, I think she just knew how important and good they were to each other. Besides, she stood up to him when she really had to. I really liked her, she’s so good and sweet and kind of naive, so… I could relate to her.

Oh, and this… This made me smile, then made me cry, but still.. It made me smile. I loved Nate even more with this.

“Hi, little one. Thirteen years, one night. Nine months. One small baby will deliver true love. I can’t wait to see you.”

Oh and jeez!! That ending… I knew it was coming, I had been expecting it for so loooooong, and still… It shocked me! (I loved Nate sooo much those last few pages) I can’t wait to read the second book!!!!!



Man!! Emi and Nate….easily the most complicated and frustrating people I’ve ever read about!

This book had so many heartbreaking moments! From the first chapter, I was hooked. Emi was so sweet and nice and just so fragile. Some might say she was naive but I say she was just a girl looking for true love!

And then there’s Nate…I honestly thought from the beginning, he was a horrible friend sometimes. Actually, really just a horrible person period. I mean page after page I just got more and more pissed with him!!! All this heartbreak when all they had to do was admit their feelings.

And then comes the ending. It hits you right in the face like BAM! I’m so intrigued I’m going nuts!



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