Book Review: Love Like Crazy by Megan Squires


Title: Love Like Crazy
Author: Megan Squires
Rating: rating-5

“I’d always felt out of tune in this life, but even as off-tune as I was, Lincoln somehow matched it. We were in tune.” 

LoveLikeCrazy-ebookWell, Megan Squires has done it again! Her gift for creating such life-like characters is incredible. Their emotions and personalities jump off the page, and at the end of the book, they feel like people you know intimately. Her characters are your friends, your family. Lincoln, Eppie, Dan, and Phil will always hold a special place in my heart.

Another thing I love about Megan’s books is that they are clean, butterfly-inducing, sweet romances. She understands that the act of sex isn’t what’s “sexy”. The flirting, the sexual tension, the spiritual and emotional discovery of that special someone, are what is truly sexy and sultry.

“I wanted him to stare so hard that he would be able to summarize everything about me in just one glance. I wanted to be discovered by him.”

Love Like Crazy is the perfect representation of first love. The awkward, hesitant touches. The sweaty palms and racing hearts. The butterflies and secret glances. This book made me feel like a giddy, love-struck teenager again.

It all starts with two people, Eppie and Lincoln, having a chance encounter at the vets office. She grew up being known as the eight year old girl that tried to kill herself. The sickly girl. The one that everyone in town was praying for. He’s the black sheep of a prestigious and pretentious family. Together, they create the perfectly quirky couple that will steal your hearts. Their hilarious and witty banter had me highlighting so many parts of this book.

“Are you worried that I will overshadow you with my impressive foxtrot and hypnotizing hip moves with my first-place-ribbon-winning samba?”
“Yes, that’s exactly it. You got me.”

Eppie and Lincoln made me laugh, made me swoon, and made me want to wrap them in a protective bubble so no one else could ever harm them. They both have been through quite a bit at such a young age, but their attitude about life is so refreshing and genuine. They are the kind of people you want to be your best friends.

Love Like Crazy has definitely earned a rightful spot in my favorites pile. It’s a book that I will read again and again and recommend to all my friends. Trust me, this is not a book to be missed.

“Love was not a feeling anymore. It wasn’t a four letter word. It wasn’t even a word at all.

Love was a tall, gangly boy with floppy brown hair and an asymmetrical smile whose heart beat against my cheek and whose words made me insane, but for all the right reasons.

Lincoln was all of that, and all of that was love.”



This book is as beautiful as the cover and even more so. I fell incurably and madly in love with this from page one, because every single word, every single character and every single situation had everything I’m looking in a book. I loved every single thing about it.

Love Like Crazy is the story about this girl, Eppie, who’s pretty much a loner. Life has thrown her a big amount of crappy things, so she had to learn a way to protect herself from the world and the people, because being the girl who tried to kill herself at the age of 8 is not something people will forget about or let it pass that easy. People have always talked and will keep on talking, except, they don’t know the whole truth of what really happened. They just assumed, and that’s the worst kind of “truth” there could be. Chances are, though, things will get better, someone will come around and make the bad things in life seem less important than you once did.

Meet Eppie and Lincoln. A girl and a boy who meet for the first time at the vet, when she takes a street dog who just got hit by a car. And that’s the day everything changed for her and for Lincoln too. They are one of the sweetest couples I’ve read… and one of the things I loved most about this book was the fact that it felt different, in some way. This is a story about the awkwardness and clumsiness and the excitement we experience with our first love. But it’s a happy love story with a lot of baggage and pain inside. Both Eppie and Lincoln have a lot of things from their past that they need to face but they both realize how much each of them can help the other, so they stay together and they do whatever they can to help. They care.

It’s amazing how we all want to let someone in in our lives. We want to be able to share the good and bad stuff with someone who truly cares and the same goes with everyone in this book. Every single character wants to be seen for who they are, to be free of their own baggage and finally live the life they want with those who matter.

“The relationships you form in the trenches, though? The people who intersect your life during your moments of brokenness and stay around to fight with you and for you, I think those are the sticking types of relationships.”


I absolutely ADORED every single character. Eppie is a beautiful girl, who’s got a lot in her plate but, in time, she’s learned how to deal with everything so very well. After all, she’s always looking the bright side of things and people, no matter how badly people have treated her before, she’s a good girl with a magnificent heart. She’s compassionate, she’s smart, she’s strong, she’s admirable.

Lincoln. Omg. He’s the personification of the word sweet and I mean that in the best possible way. The guy is just so lovable. He’s true to himself and always stays like that, I don’t think there’s a mean bone in him. He’s so reliable and trust-worthy, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him immediately. He goes after what he wants, but he does it while taking into consideration other people’s needs. He only speaks the truth. He’s passionate and wonderful and will do anything for those he care about and he’s just so… amazing.

“Thank you, Eppie. Thank you for this life and this love, the likes of which I never knew possible. You took a leap with me, and I’ll forever be grateful you trusted me to fall with you.”


The rest of the characters are just as important. Each of them has this particular part to play and they do it perfectly. They are what they all need. They represent the reliability each of them didn’t have before, the love they’re all looking for and the happiness they’re all hoping to get someday. They’re a family. A wonderful family.


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