Book Review: Love Like We Do (side b) Lori L. Otto

lovelikewedo2Title: Love Like We Do (Side B)
Author: Lori L. Otto
Daniela’s Rating: 5 stars

Daniela’s review

“You are bigger than these events, Callen. You are strong. Wise. Brave. Good.”

Wow, I really don’t know where to start. You guys know how much of a fan I am of Lori. I love her and her stories quiet a lot, and being able to be a part of this story has meant the world to me. I know I already told you this, but I have to thank you Lori, for trusting in me and for letting me be a part of this.

Love Like We Do is definitely not like any other story I’ve read before. This story talks about a complicated topic, and it’s complicated only because people have made it like that. It shouldn’t be, but sadly, it is. In this book we are facing some heartfelt revelations, some good and some bad choices and their consequences. We have Max Rosser an Callen McNare. They’re both part of this amazing group of friends, which is the most supportive and loyal group, but they’re both hiding something from them, something that might change their entire relationship forever. What can you do when the kind of love you love is considered different? Not normal? Not okay? Read this book and you’ll find out.

If you’re like me and you’ve read all of Lori’s books before jumping into this new series, you’ve already met almost every character featured here; you already have a relationship with them, even if they’re only “acquaintances”. If you haven’t then this is all new to you, but you’ll end up loving these characters as if you’ve known them your whole life (and after reading this series, I encourage you to read the rest of Lori’s books. Trust me, you won’t regret it!).

I have to admit, when I first heard about these books, I was a bit scared. I’d never read an m/m book, and I never thought I would, not because of anything bad, I just never felt it was my cup of tea (just like 50 shades of grey isn’t my cup of tea). But, since this was something written by Lori, I had to give it a try. I trust this woman’s instinct, taste, mind and heart, so of course I was going to read it, and let me tell you something, I’ve never been more happy to try something new. This book is heart-warming and more importantly, life-changing. Love Like We Do is *not* a story about two guys who like each other and them trying to be together. It’s definitely not a story about two guys having sex. It’s so much more than that. This story has depth, one that goes straight to the heart. It’s the perfect way to tell the world about the difficulties gay teenagers have to face every day. Love Like We Do tells the story about two guys who are trying their damn best to be comfortable in their own skin, in their own family, in their own live. The physical stuff is part of the deal, yes, but let’s face it, that can’t be all a story is about. And let me tell you, everything is tasteful, it’s subtle, and it’s gentlemanly. Lori L. Otto is a genius, she knows how to tell a story in the most heartbreaking and beautiful way there is, and she knows how to create characters you’ll fall in love in just a matter of seconds.

“The kiss will be… unencumbered. Unafraid and unashamed. It will be honest and real. It will be unrestrained and absolutely free. I’ve always wanted to be able to kiss someone like that.”

I didn’t know I could love Side B even more than Side A, but Lori, I do. Callen’s and Max’s story got me and I just don’t want them to let go just yet. I love them too much. They’re these two amazingly strong guys who are facing an obstacle in their lives. There’s discrimination and hatred, but want to know something? They have something more important than all that negativity in their favor. For starters, they have people who support them and love them, just the way they are, because there’s nothing wrong about it. They have people they can trust. They have love. Max must be one of the strongest characters ever. He’s confident in who he is and what he wants and once he’s free of any restraint that was pulling him down, he’s the most beautiful guy. Callen has a hard time dealing with everything, but little by little he gets stronger and more confident, and starts believing that he can have the life he wants. They both do and deserve to have it.

Max and Callen have won a huge part of my heart and have become family to me.

Each character that appears in this book means something to me. I’ve seen them grow (yes, I have) and become the wonderful characters that they are. They’re this beautiful family that sticks together no matter what, and I admire that. Emi and Jack are the best example anyone could ask for as parents. Livvy and Jon (even though I’m pissed at him) are the perfect example of the saying “follow your dreams”, they dreamt a life together, a life full of rewards (and I don’t mean the material things), and they got it, because they fought for it. Margie Scott is the best way to show you that life does give you a second chance. Matty and Nolan are just the personification of good. And Will is the perfect example of people not being what they seem on the outside, he will show you that there’s more to a person than what they do for a living and their hobbies. People tend to forget that quiet often.

This is not an easy story, at least it might not be that easy for a lot of people, because they might not be that open to hear or read about everything that happens in it, but I truly encourage everyone to read this, because it *will* leave an impact in your life and how you see it. I know it marked mine. I honestly hope everyone gives themselves the chance to read, understand, enjoy and love this book. It’s absolutely worth it.

“Love is love. It can never be ugly or hateful, no matter how many people try to put that spin on it.”


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