Book Review: Making Faces by Amy Harmon

Name: Making Faces
Author: Amy Harmon
Rating: 5 stars

Daniela’s review

For some time now I’ve been told I needed to read this, that I would love this book so much and guess what? I needed to read this and I absolutely loved it. This is my first Amy Hamon book and I seriously hope it won’t be my last, I’ll make sure it won’t 🙂

Making Faces starts off with the usual story of a typical girl in love with the most popular guy in school. She’s loved him all her life but he hasn’t noticed her in years. He knows of her existence, but he doesn’t see her. You would expect this to have kind of the same story line most of YA books have, but it doesn’t, not really. Yes, it has the typical girl who wishes for nothing more than to be seen by the boy she likes and loves. It has the typical athlete who has it all. He’s gorgeous, smart, sensitive, nice, a good friend and even though he has it all, sometimes he feels lost. But want to know what’s different about this story? Bailey. Beautiful Bailey Sheen. Let me explain:

Fern Taylor has been in love with Ambrose Young since forever. She can’t think of a time when she wasn’t in love with Ambrose Young. She has the biggest heart. One of the biggest I’ve read. She’s smart, intuitive, honest, protective. She loves to read and write romance novels. She’s a dreamer. But she’s also a realist. She’s not pretty, or that’s what she thinks.

“Maybe there is a bigger purpose, a bigger picture that we only contribute a very small piece to.”

Ambrose Young is a dream. He gives you the butterflies, he makes you smile, he makes you swoon. I fell in love the moment he stepped on the spider to protect a boy and a girl who seemed paralyzed looking at it. I love his strength and his confidence. I love his vulnerability and his doubts. He’s always been and done what’s been expected from him, he would never let down anyone who cared for him and I admired that. But I also admired his desire to be something else, to do something else. I loved his willingness to fight, to do what he felt right, for his country and for himself.

Bailey. Beautiful Bailey Sheen. He’s not the typical teen or young man we’re used to reading in YA books or any other, I think. Let me tell you a little bit of him. He may not have been a Super Star or a Super Hero, but he sure was a Hercules. He had courage to say the things that needed to be said. He was a good friend, the best of friends, to Fern and to Ambrose and Rita and Jesse and Paulie and Grant and Beans. He took down the biggest bully. He wrestle through life but not only survived life, he lived it. He took care of Fern and Ambrose when they needed it the most. He was grateful for all the things he had in life, and even though he didn’t have a lot of things, he had what really mattered. And he was so, so much more than that.

“Victory is in the battle.”

At first I thought it was going to be all about Fern and Ambrose, their love story. But you have to be really careful to see who’s story is really behind all of it. Making Faces shows you a side of life that many have experience and some may have not. This is a story about friendship and sadness and happiness and true beauty and love. Love between a girl and a boy. Love between cousins. Love between friends. Love between team mates. It is also about loss and what it means to feel truly alone. But you know what? This also gave the characters (and lets face it, me, too) hope. Hope to dream again, to love again and to smile again. Even the darkest moments have a little bit of light at some point and what’s wrong about holding on to that? We all need a second chance in life, a second chance to be happy.

I loved every word and every page of this book. It was unexpectedly beautiful.



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