Book Review: Maybe Maby by Willow Aster


Name: Maybe Maby

Author: Willow Aster

Rating: rating-5

5+ Amazingly Great Stars!!!

21845825I’m still trying to figure out the right words to describe how I feel about “Maybe Maby.” I’m pretty much almost to the point where I’m gonna Google “how to write a review on yet another Willow Aster phenomena of a book.” This is my attempt the old fashioned way.

Maybe Maby is the story of Mabel Armstrong, the most unique character I’ve ever had the chance to meet. She’s quirky and sweet and everything that would make any person, including myself, fall harder than ever for her <3 She’s definitely the underdog, which is why I rooted for her from the very start. If I ever had the pleasure of meeting someone like her, I’m getting us BFF necklaces made instantly.

And then, there are the guys. First there is Saul. I have some very mixed feelings about him. I love him! But he’s truly a doof and does incredibly doofy things at times.

10488158_704009786330897_3566164873317843913_nAnd of course I have to mention Coen, the man who has ruined me for all other book boyfriends. I mean cooooome on Willow! How do you do it?! I am so head over hills for this man. And it’s totally bad that he reminds me of my real love <3 He says exactly how he feels. Even if it’s not the most macho thing to say.

I have a strong feeling Maybe Maby is going to be my new obsession. Willow Aster did not miss a beat! A very well written story with humor and a touch of sadness. Amazing characters and a lovely ending! (And I’m not just saying this because I would read anything this woman writes, which I totally would hehe).



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