Book Review: Olivia (Choisie #2) by Lori L. Otto



Name: Olivia (Choisie #2)

Author: Lori L. Otto

Rating:  rating-5


A21420126gain, another wonderful book by Lori L. Otto. You just can’t not love her books and her characters.

First of all, I want to say thank you to Lori for giving me the chance to read and ARC of this amazing book. <3 I loved it and I can’t wait to read the next one.

In book 1, you meet Contessa, Jack Holland’s little girl, only she’s not a little girl anymore. She’s starting to grow up, to see the world through her own eyes and like I’ve said before, she wants it all, even if it means she has to lie and sneak around to get it. But this second book is another story.

Jon & Livvy as Lori (and we) sees them.
Jon & Livvy as Lori (and we) sees them.

Olivia’s life has had a lot of ups and downs since she was little, but still, she’s managed to learn how to deal with those situations, sometimes making a lot of mistakes, but at the end she’s done what she knows is right. There’s more maturity in her and she tries to be as honest as she can, which is something I liked a lot. She’s still the innocent little girl, but with more confidence.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who felt this way about the book, but I still don’t feel like it was just a love story. Like in book 1, in which I felt it was the story of the struggle and reconciliation between a father and his daughter, to me, Olivia is the story of growing up. Of accepting accepting and being exactly who you are, no matter how the people around you see you or want you to be. She now has to deal with two great loss, two things she loved more than anything in her life. So she starts to focus all her attention in that other thing she loves, Jon. It was her way of dealing and what she thought would help her heal, because he kept her distracted and she needed that.

Through the whole book I felt her struggle, how frustrated she was because she couldn’t go back to the way she was before, some moments were more noticeable than others, and even though Jon made her completely happy, there was always something missing.

Well, first I’d like to say that in this story you see the way the characters grow. I’m the youngest to the oldest, they’ve all learned different life lessons that made them a lot more patient a lovable and real. The story line is a lot more capturing, not that Contessa wasn’t, but this one allows you to relate more and more to with the main characters.

So, what did I think about Olivia this time? Well, she obviously grew up a lot since book 1. She’s the same girl but with another perspective on life. She now knows, no doubt, how much her dad loves her, how much she means to him and her entire family. She’s more confident about herself as a person and deep down, as an artist too. The only thing is, she became too dependent on Jon and their relationship, which kind of frustrated me. I feel she needs to be on her own a little, get to know herself a little bit better and experience life from her own perspective. And I think she’ll get her time.

I like Jon, I really do but, even though Livvy denied he was the reason and even though I KNOW Jon would never do that on purpose, I felt he was kind of holding her back. They both need time.

I can’t wait to read next book. I’m sure it will be as beautiful as all her books.



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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Olivia (Choisie #2) by Lori L. Otto

    1. lostinabookblog

      Thank you so much Heather!! <3 I'm so glad you liked it.


      1. heather27410

        <3 it is informative without giving away spoilers, and a very honest review and i respect that. that is why I loved it!!!


        1. lostinabookblog

          Yes, I always write my reviews as honest as I can. If I didn’t like something I’ll say it 🙂 I’m writing what I thought or how I felt about the book, after all.


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