Book Review: The Collector’s Society (TCS #1) by Heather Lyons


Title: The Collector’s Society

Author: Heather Lyons

Rating: rating-4.5

“Each of us here has a story, but it’s not necessarily the one people think they know.”

Wow. This book blew my mind. Seeing as how I love all of Heather’s other books, I went in with high expectations and she surpassed them. This is probably the most unique story I’ve ever read. It’s pure genius.

TheCollectorsSocietyThis review is going to be hard to write because I don’t want to give away anything and it’s hard to talk about this book without mentioning spoilers. So, I will be careful with my words.

The book begins with Alice in an insane asylum. Yes, that Alice, the one we met as children when she journeyed through Wonderland. However, this is definitely not Disney’s version. This Alice is one we’ve never met before. At least, I hadn’t before now.

“Madness is leaving behind your realities and inhibitions and embracing impossible ones.”

She’s been in the asylum since she left Wonderland- six months ago. She knows Wonderland is real, but no one will believe her. So, she’s trying to leave all of it behind so she can start a normal life. That is, until she meets a man who offers her the job of a lifetime:

It’s up to Alice to save Wonderland.

In order to do so, she must join the Collector’s Society, where she meets some quirky new friends, and other acquaintances she’s not so sure about. Like Finn, for example. He’s devilishly handsome and charming, much to Alice’s annoyance, but how long can she resist his allure?

“All work and no play makes Alice a good girl. Do you want to be a good girl, Alice?”

Alice and Finn, along with the other members of the society must work together to save Wonderland and soon, before it’s too late. I wish I could go more in depth, but in order to learn the secrets of the society, and the ones that Alice keeps so close to her heart, you’ll just have to take my word for it, and devour this book.

All of your preconceived notions of Wonderland will cease to exist.

“Sometimes our pasts are chains we cannot let go of, even if the key is in our hands. They define us in ways we resent, and yet they are somewhat precious, too. Because, logically, we understand that our pasts have made us who we are, even if we want nothing more to close our eyes to them.”



Rating: rating-4.5


Wow, I was so not expecting this. The Collector’s Society is amazing. It’s magical. It’s adventurous. It’s wonderful. If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, either if it’s the books or movies, you’ll sure like this.

The Collector’s Society is the story of a grown up Alice, of a completely different and yet the same Alice, who wants nothing else other than reclaim her sanity. Being in Wonderland wasn’t really that wonderful for her. Yes, there were tea parties and laughs and addictive food and amazing sights and beings. It was fun being in Wonderland, until it wasn’t anymore, until she realized there was something bigger than her about to happen. That’s when she decides the best thing she can do is leave Wonderland and everything it represents. But now, she might have to go back because Wonderland needs its savior, its champion.

“Sometimes life is more extraordinary than we might first imagine, and today is going to test your limits of imagination and acceptance.”

I loved every second of this book. This is one of those books that will take you away and show you so many wonderful things, you just want to read and read but at the same time you don’t want it to end. This is the kind of books that keeps your interest and wakes some other interest up too. Like, for me, it made me realize I need to read the classics (yeah, yeah, don’t judge). it made me fall in love with the characters and want to know everything about them, because every single one of them was that interesting, they all had his/her own qualities that made them unique. From honesty to vulnerability to thoughtfulness to madness. They were all so enthralling.

The story itself is a slow one, but that’s only because you need time to understand what’s going one, to see the realities of a world we’ve always thought was nothing else other than magical and happy. To realize the depth and the importance of each character and scenery. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the combination of characters, they all had something to give to the story. Another thing I loved was the darkness of the story. TCS shows you a whole different side of the story I’ve known all my life, and it was presented in the most amazing way. It was like seeing behind the scenes of Alice in Wonderland. While people might think it’s all tea parties and talking cats and caterpillars, The Collector’s Society shows you there’s a lot more behind that, we’ve only been introduced to the madness as a good thing.

“Each of us here has a story, but it’s not necessarily the one people think they know.”

Now, let me tell you a bit about the characters. I’ll start with Alice. She’s just a girl who’s been to Wonderland and was able to come back, to get out. Not many people has have the opportunity to get in and much less get out. Alice feels like she’s damaged. She’s not the happy little kid anymore because she’s seen so much and lived so much. And now we understand that a lot of the things she had to face in Wonderland weren’t so wonderful, not when you really think about it. She has lived and loved and lost so much. She’s the very definition of a strong character. I loved her willingness to fight, either for her or the ones she cares about. Even for a land that has brought her only madness. She doesn’t trust easily but when she does, she does it entirely. I loved this Alice. She’s a realist, yes, but she’s also a believer of the amazing.

Then we have Finn. And Oh.My.God. Finn Van Brunt is just dreamy. The guy gave me the butterflies through the whole book!!!! I couldn’t help it. I lived for the scenes where they were together, which *thank God* were very frequently. He’s the very definition of goodness and loyalty and sweetness and strength. He’s a combination of everything that is good. And I guess that’s what Alice sees and not only her, but everyone who’s around him. I can’t wait to have more of Finn.

“After all I’ve gone through, after all I’ve lost, I’ve finally found my true north star.”

Victor and Mary are just the best. She’s bitchy and honest and won’t doubt to ever tell you what you need to hear. Victor is sweet and good and careful. I loved them both.

Van Brunt… well, what can I say? I felt he was going to end up being some one important to me from the very start. The guy emanates goodness and trust and loyalty. He does whatever he needs to do to fight for what is good.


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