Book review: Trusting You and Other Lies by Nicole Williams

Title: Trusting You and Other Lies
Author: Nicole Williams
Daniela’s rating: 3.5 stars

Daniela’s review

**Arc provided by Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Nicole Williams delivers a seductive summer romance worth swooning over. Perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Stephanie Perkins.

Phoenix can’t imagine anything worse than being shipped off to family summer camp. Her parents have been fighting for the past two years—do they seriously think being crammed in a cabin with Phoenix and her little brother, Harry, will make things better?

On top of that, Phoenix is stuck training with Callum—the head counselor who is seriously cute but a complete know-it-all. His hot-cold attitude means he’s impossible to figure out—and even harder to rely on. But despite her better judgment, Phoenix is attracted to Callum. And he’s promising Phoenix a summer she’ll never forget. Can she trust him? Or is this just another lie?

TRUSTING YOU AND OTHER LIES by Nicole Williams was a light read for me. I enjoyed reading it, though there were a few things I just got bored or was annoyed by.

This book is all about trust. We have a girl, Phoenix, who discovered her parents are keeping this huge secret from her and her little brother. They set up all this plan to take them all into a family trip, but she knows it’s just a way to distract them from the reality that’s about to hit them right in their faces. So of course, she’s developed some trust issues, because if you can’t trust your parents to tell you the truth, who forces other to do that? Phoenix reluctantly embarks on this family trip and realises that it might not be as bad as she thought, as long as she stays away from her parents’ way.

When I first started reading this book, I kind of understood Phoenix’s frustration and anger towards her parents because should you be able to rely on them, right? They’re supposed to protect you no matter what. But after I got more time to read and started to get to know her a bit better, she started sounding too whiney for my taste. I understand her situation was not the best, far from it, but I guess there are worst things in the world. She actually ended up sounding kind of like a brat more than anything else.

On the other hand, we have Callum who’s as awesome as they get. He’s the reason I enjoyed the book as much as I did. Him and Phoenix’s little brother. Callum is the kind of guy that earns your trust and makes you earn his. It’s not easy, but once you have it, it’s there, always. I loved his way of thinking and living. He’s simple and knows the difference between rights and wrongs. He understands mistakes but has no room for them. I found I could relate more to him than I could with Phoenix.

If you’re looking to have a light read, you might want to check this one, I mean, I enjoyed it, but it left me with a couple of loose ends I couldn’t shake off.


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