Book-Review: When It Rains (Rain #1) by Lisa De Jong



Name: When It Rains (Rain #1)

Author: Lisa De Jong

Rating: 5 stars / 5 stars


“I believe that life is a series of coincidences, and that night, coincidence screwed me over.”

Well, as I mentioned it earlier… WOW! This book is BEAUTIFUL and that doesn’t begin to cover it. I’ll give it a thousand stars. This is definitely a tear-jerker, an ugly crying book, and I loved every single word and every single second I spent reading it. After I finished this book (while I was dealing with my headache and heartache) I thought there were 3 particular books that made me cry and fall in love and smile. Yes, I am talking about the Emi Lost & Found series by Lori L. Otto, How To Kill A Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo and this. I thought maybe I should start a new rating system about how much of an ugly cry the book is, so from now on, every time I find myself crying over a book I’ll rate it as Type Nate, Type Paul or Type Asher. Each of them has a deeper level of heartache that should work as standard (if you want more info about it, go HERE).

The story:
When It Rains introduces us to a world of self doubt, pain, loneliness and heartache. But also, it shows us the good side of life. That side that makes us smile, laugh, love. Kate Alexander is a girl who’s been getting better and better at keeping everyone out of her life, some farther away than others. Beau Bennett and her mom are the only two people who still are very present in her life but even still, she can’t trust them with her secret because, what might they think about her? Would they be disappointed? Disgusted? Would they leave her? So no, she prefers to just keep her mouth shut and don’t tell a single soul what happened to her 2 years ago. Now her rock is going away, he’s going to college and she can’t ask him to stay, even when he says he wants more than friendship, she can’t ask him to stay. She has to let him go.

Life is hard for Kate without Beau around, but then… this beautiful guy enters her life without a warning. Some say he’s dangerous, that he’s not good for her, that she should stay away. But how can she do that when there’s obviously something between them? Some deep connection that goes beyond anything she’s ever experienced?

“When I’m with Asher, I want to try.”
“He gave me a second chance.”

But life has other plans for them.

My thoughts: 

This was so unbelievably and heartbreakingly perfect. Like I said before, this book introduces us to a world full of pain. Kate’s been barely surviving for the last two years since that night, when everything went horribly wrong. So when she meets Asher, she’s surprise to find that life may have other plans for her. That there’s still hope to get control over her life and be able to smile. That’s what he does to her, he makes her believe, makes her smile, makes her feel like she can live again.

While I was reading this book I thought about how more often than not, we give for granted those around us, our families, friends.. and we don’t really appreciate what we have. This book shows us how in a matter of months, days, even seconds.. everything we know, everything we love can come to an end. Whether you are prepared for it or not. Also, I thought a lot about second chances. Some people get them, others don’t. And sometimes, second chances are presented in a different way. Like a guy coming into your life, giving you his attention, his time and forcing you to do things you thought you’d never do again. Like smile. I loved that Asher wanted Kate to smile again. That was the first thing he said to her. But second chances can also mean a girl stealing your heart, like Kate did with Asher, and helping him forgive himself. Second chances are really a mystery. They come when you most need them and they’ll show up in any form.

About the book itself, well.. I can only say it’s beautifully written. There are no words to actually describe the amount of emotions that pour out of this book. This made me smile, it made me fall in love with the characters, all of them (well except one of course), it made my heart break into a million pieces, but then… it fixed it. Kind of. Well not really. Ok, a little bit.

The characters:

I loved Kate. Yes, she’s a loner. She pushes people away, even the ones that try with all they have to stay by her side. But she’s not annoying, she’s strong, even if she doesn’t feel like it, she just needs to take a real look at herself, as a character, she was completely real and relatable. You could understand her pain, where it was coming from and why it wouldn’t go away. You could easily understand her sadness, but also, her desire to live. I understand why she used to push the people that were a constant in her life. They were part of the life she didn’t want for herself, even if they were the good part of it. She needed to find a new way to live. That’s why it was so easy for her to let Asher in. He was new, he didn’t know, he didn’t push. He just gave her the privacy she needed when she needed it, he listened when she needed to talk and he made her smile when she never thought she would again.

“It should never be ok for someone to spend more time crying than they do smiling.”

Beau, the best friend. Well, I fell hard for him from the very first page he was mentioned. He had not made his first appearance and I already loved him. He was always a good friend. Yes, I got mad at him at one particular moment when he left, but then.. I understood. He had to make a choice, he had to choose himself for once, because that’s what he needed and I think, deep down he knew that things wouldn’t end there. That that decision was just for the moment, for his sake and for Kate’s healing process. She needed time and he gave that to her, to both of them. He’s the kind of guy that will always do what’s right for him and for the ones he loves.

“Yes, Kate, I’m going to miss you. I’m so dam

Asher. Asher. Asher. This is not the typical “other guy”. He doesn’t feel like the other guy, but neither does Beau. Each of them hold a piece of Kate’s heart and mind, but it doesn’t mean she’s playing them both. One’s her soul mate, the other her true love. Both become her rock, her stability, but each of them does it at different times of Kate’s life. Asher’s the one she needed most when he walked into her life. He’s one of the most amazing characters I’ve ever read. He made me smile so many times, but he also made me cry, he broke my heart, not intentionally of course, I don’t hold that against him, never could. But still, I was heartbroken. Still am. He payed attention to everything Kate said. He made sure she was facing her fears without pushing her. He made sure she lived again. He made me love him just like Kate :).

This is one of my favorite books now. It is beautiful. It is perfect. Everyone should meet these three characters. I’m so happy I read this. <3



Looooooove!! That’s what I felt with every single word of When It Rains. I don’t think there are words to describe how amazingly perfect this freaking book was! Easily one of my favorites now. Definitely in top tear jerkers. And totally gained a new book boyfriend…or two 😉

Our main character is Kate Alexander. She just a normal teenager with normal friends until one tragic night turns her whole world upside down. Because her horrible secret, Kate isolates everyone she ever knew from her life. Everyone except Beau Bennett, her very best friend since they were 5 years old.

Beau is everything that Kate could ever want in a friend. He’s been loyal since day one. Unfortunately, when Beau tries to take their relationship in a different direction, Kate can’t handle it. When Kate is feeling as alone as ever, Asher Hunt comes strolling in. Kate has no idea what it is about him, but Asher makes her feel more trusting than she has in years.

Ok now seriously, unless you’re some emotionless robot or something, YOU WILL CRY. Usually I hate using this word to describe the girl main character but I feel Kate is the epitome of a Heroine. Lisa De Jong made me feel like I was in her shoes, and let me tell you honey….Kate is one bad ass chick.

And Beau! He was just so darn sweet! I loved him from the beginning. I totally felt his love for Kate. He would have done anything for her! I was sooo grateful for his friendship. Even though Kate couldn’t be 100% with him, I feel he was vital in keeping her sane.

ASHER!! Asher! Oh my Asher. I’m choking up just thinking about his oh so sweet and loving words. Like I’m struggling sooo hard right now to sum him up in words, and I can’t. I just can’t. It’s like squeezing all of perfection into a jar. All I can say is that with EVERY SINGLE WORD, my heart melted more than the last. “How can I find someone better when I’ve already had the best?” <—–My favorite quote in the entire book because I feel the exact same way <3

Ok I’m gonna go cry some more now. Did I mention I would give this book a million gazillion stars?? I would!! I loved this book and some. And I can’t wait to read After The Rain.



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