Chicken Run – Visual Basic 6.0 Game – With DOWNLOAD (code & game)

Check out my newer better game (Frogger & Battleship) at:

I made this game for my computer science summative project. This would be around my 4th month programming, and my second or third in Visual Basic. Expand the description for more info and DOWNLOADS BELOW:

(unzip the file and then run the application)
Game Download:

(I managed to scan in my marked assignment which happened to have my code, this is only images of it, so if you want to use it you will have to type it)
Code Download:

Godmode password (will not allow you to save highscores in this mode): gagnon
There is also music and it is much faster than it appears in the video.

Known bugs:
– Sometimes when you restart the game it will make it nearly impossible to complete the first jump. In this case, close the application and restart it.
– There is a large empty space between some jumps, just take it as free points and be happy 🙂
– Sometimes the error “runtime error 399 Component : MCl23.OXC is missing or invalid” will come up meaning you are missing a file on your computer. Apologies if this happens to you.


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39 thoughts on “Chicken Run – Visual Basic 6.0 Game – With DOWNLOAD (code & game)”

  1. hello mr/mrs. I love this game 🙂 Can I get the code, please? I want to create a game that similiar with this game for school task. I think the URL code download is not work :') thanks.

  2. هذه اللعبة يجب إعادة تسميتها ل"سير الدجاجة" ليس "ركض الدجاجة"

  3. Hello! Nice game man! 😀
    Probably took some effort, it's well made with kind of good graphics! 🙂

    Can I just ask a question, when I have made a Project in VS, how do I make it into a downloadable file?

  4. Hello! Great coding work. I have a question. I downloaded this, and when I open the exe I DIDN'T get a normal message box saying "this may harm your computer". How did you do this? All my programs always have those warnings when I download them on another PC.

  5. can you please give me the form in high score table please i need that for my computer programming project

  6. Could u tell me why doesnt the .PaintPicture work
    i tried to copy everything down and stil the picChiken.PaintPicture makes error
    Please help me

  7. ok I am taking computer programming and we have this huge final project that has to incorporate a lot of things we have learned. I want to create an infinite runner game. the only question I have and my teacher also doesn't know is how to program a background that belts around. can anyone help

  8. good morning,please i m beginer in programming in vb 6.0 ,and i wont to program an idea of game ,but by using graphic in this please help me if you can !!


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