#ChoisieChallenge, take a look <3

Hey guys, so Lori Otto is having a 31 Day Choisie Challenge where you have to create your own picture following some instructions. This is my first photo challenge, but I looooove to make graphics, as you may have noticed 🙂 I’m gonna be posting my pictures here.


I hope you all like them.

Taken from www.loriotto.com
Taken from www.loriotto.com


Day 1

Who’s your Livvy?

Olivia-Holland Olivia-Holland2


Day 2

Whose side: Jon or Jack?

Jack-vs-Jon Jack-vs-Jon4

Day 3

Jon & Livvy as kids.



Day 4

When you wanted to slap Livvy.



Day 5

Favorite quote of Emi’s.



Day 6

When you had the biggest smile.


Day 7

How Livvy sees the lake house.


Day 8

The walks home.


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4 thoughts on “#ChoisieChallenge, take a look <3

  1. heather27410

    absolutely love these, especially the last one of “The Walk Home”. Great job!!!


    1. lostinabookblog

      Thank you Heather! You’re so sweet. Hope you enjoy our blog. 🙂


      1. heather27410

        I absolutely love your blog, everything about it, the layout, style, just everything. very refreshing. Thanks for letting me enjoy it. 🙂


        1. lostinabookblog

          Oh Heather that’s so sweet! Thank you for visiting our blog <3


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