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Let me tell you a bit of my experience with Lori’s books. But first, let me ask you a question:

Do you have a book that you’re always thinking about? That you always take with you because you don’t know when you’ll want to read it again? Because you’ll want to read it again. Well, Lori’s books are that to me. All of them.

Last year, I had the incredible pleasure of reading the Emi Lost & Found series, which has been one of the few series that have changed and marked my life. Not every book will do that to you and a good bookworm knows it. Even one year after I read those books, they’re still with me, every single day. They’ve brought me joy :). In addition to this, I’ve had the honor to work with Lori doing a few graphics and teasers for her and I don’t think she knows that I couldn’t have made them without the inspiration her books gave me. It all comes down to what the book left me feeling.

Dear Jon is the third book of the Choisie series and I had the chance to read it before it was released and let me tell you, it is just wonderful. There are no words to describe how beautiful and perfect it is.


I believe EVERYONE should be able to find at least one book that will make them fall completely in love, that will make them smile and feel and live those stories as if they were their own and I’m sure these books will give you that, because they are filled with so many opportunities, so many feelings, you’ll just end up wanting more.

So, have you ever read any by this wonderful author? No? Well, you’re missing out.


After enduring an afternoon of teasing and tasteless jokes from the guys I work with, it’s nice to be home in the silence of my room.  I’m excited to get back to school, even if it means facing Livvy.  I want to get back into my classes, and give my brain the challenges my body has endured all summer.  I can’t wait for the late-night conversations with Fred, talking about design and philosophy.  I’ve never had a friend like him… someone who can keep up with me, mentally, and challenge my beliefs.  I wonder what his summer has been like.  At the end of the school year, he and his girlfriend had both made the decision to backpack through Europe together.  Not only that, but she’s transferring to Columbia for her second year.  I’ve met her once, and she’s just as smart as he is.  

When she’d come to visit Fred last year, I wondered if she’d be someone that Livvy would be friends with.  In the three hours I’d spent with her, I’d decided not to even attempt to find friends for my girlfriend.  Fred’s girl was going to be a physicist, and didn’t have a creative bone in her body.  I wasn’t sure she and Livvy would have anything in common.

It was one of the first nights I’d wondered if Livvy and I could make things work.  I’d begun feeling the strain of her dependence on me.  I liked how Fred’s girlfriend was so strong-willed.  She spoke her mind, and didn’t care that Fred didn’t share her opinion on things.  They embraced their differences.

Olivia and I have such different pasts, but we really are very similar.  I open the blinds to the west-facing window of the craft room and sit on the floor next to it, getting ready to watch the sun set.  I wonder if Livvy watched the sun set tonight, too–if her focus was to the west, facing me.  It seems her attention is on me often, with the letters.

I wonder if she can feel me in the mornings when the sun rises… because I’m always watching, looking back east, thinking about her.  At the beginning of the summer, the orange and red hues mimicked my anger, but as the weeks have gone on, the colors have softened.  As I work in the mornings, I take in the full view–the deep blue of the night sky as it morphs into daylight, the rays of light that remind me that everyday is a new day, full of new opportunities.  Each day, I think of starting over.  Somedays, forgiveness is top of mind.

Watching as the sun begins its descent behind the house next door, I wonder if it’s time to stop carrying around the resentment and pity.  I open the envelope I’ve had in my hand for the last half hour, waiting for this moment to read her next letter.

I love you, Jon.

When you took the picture of me in the loft, I felt desired.  I loved that you wanted to keep that moment with you forever.

I still wish that was a moment that could have stayed ours.  The picture was so lovely.  Her happiness came easily that day.  She was relaxed and comfortable with me.  I’m still angry that my roommate violated my privacy like he did.  He tainted the sweet innocence of that picture.  There was nothing dirty about it.  Nothing illicit, but once the rest of the world saw it, Livvy Holland’s image was forever changed.  

When the photo showed up in text messages on Camille’s phone, I didn’t know what to think.  My first thought was that you shared it with her.  Once she said someone else had sent it to her, I knew you weren’t behind it.  When people started pointing and laughing at me at school, I felt ashamed.

I want you to know, though, I was not ashamed that day in the loft.  It’s horrible that the media can take what was a private, loving moment between two people and twist it into any story they like.


The day that photo came out, our secrets were finally exposed.  In the end, I didn’t care what the rest of the world thought… but addressing my parents that day was one of the scariest things I’ve done.

I’m sure it took a lot of guts to admit what she did that day, but I don’t think she could have been half as scared as I was in the office with her dad.  I’d stood up to the man before, but this was different.


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Name: Dear Jon (Choisie #3)

Author: Lori L. Otto

Rating: rating-5

Dear Jon is a story about what it means to grow up, to find out who you are and what you want. It’s also about loss and what it means to feel lost in the world, to feel like you’ve lost a huge part of yourself. It’s about patience and what it means to wait for the right moment to do what you need to do, to take a moment to think about everything that’s going on and learn to move on. It’s about forgiveness and everything that comes to it. With forgiveness comes peace, peace of mind and heart…Read more.

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