DeBartolo, Tiffanie – God-Shaped Hole

God-Shaped Hole

Tiffanie DeBartolo

4 stars

“If your intentions are pure,
I’m seeking a friend
for the end
of the world.”

This is how it all starts, how Jacob and Trixie met and fell in love. God-Shaped Hole tells the amazing story, the incredible love story, of Jacob and Trixie.

When I first started reading this book, I thought it reminded me a lot of Paul and Eliza, how they were with each other and how he was so honest and emotional and funny, and how she was so.. afraid. DeBartolo, T. - God-Shaped Hole
From the very first meeting, these two just clicked. He made her feel at ease and comfortable, something Beatrice Jordan had not felt in a while. And you could tell she made him feel alive. It was like they were “connected from the beginning by blood and veins. Siamese soul lovers”.

This is not the typical love story where the guy chases the girl until she falls in love with him; or the asshole who’s mean at first because he’s really attracted to the girl. No. This is the story of love at first sight and a relationship ba

sed on true love, honesty, respect and mutual inspiration. It was beautiful and funny and lovely and sad.

Jacob. He was my favorite character. He was smart, funny, sweet, passionate, intense. He was too good. He was an artist. And I felt for him because of all he went through. I loved him because of the things he said. I loved him for the way he was, especially because he was so much like Paul.

“He believed that any work an artist puts forth which contains the truth as he or she sees it is worthy of consideration, and any commentary of the work beyond that is nothing more than pure individual opinion and should not be considered relevant to the work itself”

(I loved that)

Beatrice Jordan. Trixie. She was an interesting character. She was afraid, she had been afraid for a very long time. And still, when she found someone who completed her and understood her, she still kept her fears with her. And that’s what took over her when things got tough. I was so mad at her. But then, Jacob came back, he loved her too much to let her go. And she knew she couldn’t say no. She loved him too much to say no to sharing her life with him.

I loved GSH. It was an incredible book. I just love Tiffanie Debartolo’s writing. She’s amazing. The characters she creates are so real and relatable. But I can’t keep reading these types of books. I can’t keep losing these characters I love so much. It broke my heart all over again.

But seriously, thank you Tiffanie, it was amazing. Thank you for, yet again, another beautiful love story.

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