Dragon Booster [NDS]: Nudy / Boredom

Więc, ta, ściągnąłem sobie grę na podstawie Dragon Boostera, ładnie na NDSa… i po kilku sekundach: “co.” Znaczy się, gra jest słaba, to przypomina wyścigi, ale nimi nie jest… chociaż to jak zrobili Beau i inne smoki to nawet mi się podoba.
Kilka reklam w grze jest genialnych. “Dragon Booster: The Game”, “Dragon Breath Gummy Gum!”. “Nerd Corps Racing” jest akutalnie interesujące =D

So, yeah, I downloaded myself a game based on Dragon Booster, for NDS… and after few second: “what.” I mean, game is weak, it looks like racing, but it isn’t… even though I kinda like how they did Beau and other dragons.
Some advertisements in game are brilliant. “Dragon Booster: The Game”, “Dragon Breath Gummy Gum!”. “Nerd Corps Racing” is actually interesing.

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13 thoughts on “Dragon Booster [NDS]: Nudy / Boredom”

  1. I actually found this game really fun once I got used to the controls and assembled a healthy collection of battle gear.

  2. Wow. How the hell did this vid ever reach 20k views? It's literally thousand times more than I assumed there would be. It's just me recording a bad game because I was bored. There even isn't any voice talking.


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