It’s time for … MORE WOLFJOB!

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48 thoughts on “DRUMP: "WOLFJOB"”

  1. if this comment gets 100 likes i'll airdrop wolfjob to a every person on the next bus i'm on

  2. I don’t know what’s weirder: the fact that that images exists, or the fact that the guy in the pic doesn’t have a belly button.

  3. Arin and Danny Arin and Danny
    because sometimes you just gotta look
    yourself in the mirror and say Hey, I
    love…I love my friend who I'm sitting
    here on the couch with. Are you putting
    all this up? You better.

  4. I love how after a certain point, Barry stopped putting up the actual wolfjob and when Wolfjob is called for, puts up a picture of a wolf in a hard hat, or a wolfs head on a person of a professsion.

  5. If I was on game grumps I would say "put up a woldjob, replace the penis with an infinidagger, make the wolfs head burgie and leave it there for all eternity"


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