Duke vs. Oregon: Ducks advance to Elite 8

Top-seeded Oregon left little in doubt in Anaheim, rolling to an 82-68 victory over 4th-seeded Duke in the NCAA Tournament.

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30 thoughts on “Duke vs. Oregon: Ducks advance to Elite 8”

  1. Duke has alot of black basketball players in the nba the last two yrs nba draft three yrs straight jab parker justin winslow just name a few. Kyre irving hello and its not going to stop it an love hate program.

  2. Ducks basketball has a serious chance of making it to the final four next season! so much talent returning and new additions sure to make an immediate impact…very excited! especially since football is down a bit right now

  3. I am so glad. Grayson Allen is one of the dirtiest athletes in the NCAA and gets away with so many travels. Gonna be nice to see Duke have another down year next year.

  4. I have some advice for those willing to drive to the rim against Oregon.

    Do not drive to the rim against Oregon.

  5. That shot at the end and the flexing fist pump was not necessary. He's all pumped about a uncontested 3pt when you have already won the game…

  6. Go Orgeon! Thank you for getting Duke out of this tournament. Duke can't handle anybody that's more athletic than them (probably because they don't have enough Brothers on the team, them white boys are too slow and awkward). But this was great now I can ENJOY the rest of the tournament!!!!!!!!!! THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON


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