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Nate, Emi, Jack

We’ve read it and teams were created.

Yes, we are talking about the amazing Emi Lost & Found series by Lori Otto. Here, we have two incredibly perfect guys. One is an intense, passionate and devoted artist (yes, he paints and sings. Like anyone could top that!), he has such a good heart, and he also has his flaws, but he’s so perfectly flawed. He adores Emi. The other guy is a sweet, good and reliable man. He’s good to Emi and he loves her. That much is clear. Both are perfectly good for Emi and they love her deeply. And we love them both. But of course, we’ve all (at least a good number of people have) set our sides.

Team Nate or Team Jack.

We know why we love the one who’s perfect for us, but we wanted & needed to know why our lovely Lori loved them and what made them such amazing boyfriends to Emi. So we asked her. And this is what she came up with 🙂

Nate Wilson
created by the amazing Lori L. Otto
created by the amazing Lori L. Otto
created by the amazing Lori L. Otto

So, you may have seen we’ve said the word “perfect” a few times now. But if you’ve read these books, you’ll get it. The Emi Lost & Found books are perfectly written; the story has the perfect amount of love, truth, excitement, happiness, sadness and so much more. This is a MUST READ for all the true-love-story/tear-jerker lovers out there.

So go ahead, read it, enjoy it and fall in love with Nate… or Jack! 🙂

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You can click here and share your thoughts with us about who you love the most 🙂 <3

PS: we want to thank Lori Otto for taking the time to do this great exclusive for us and, of course, for creating these amazing characters. We love them and miss them like crazy. 

Like ya, Lori. <3 You are the best!

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