Extended Game Highlights: Oregon vs. Kansas

The Oregon Ducks take down the top seeded Jayhawks to win the Midwest Region and advance to their first Final Four in 78 years!

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34 thoughts on “Extended Game Highlights: Oregon vs. Kansas”

  1. That was an embarrassing game for the NCAA. They tried to gift the Chickens an easy trip to the Final Four.

  2. The Ducks are so underrated. I mean seriously. A team with players like Bell, Prichard, and Dorsey? Almost like a 2015 Wisconsin type squad.

  3. Ref called WAY TOO MUCH fouls on Josh Jackson. They all played great, but doing that to Kansas especially to Josh Jackson was not ok…

  4. Go Oregon! Strong team, works so well and anticipates each other’s positions, that’s what I call a good team. To bad they lost to the Zags I thought they had a chance

  5. Jordan Bell dominated this game. Kansas was not ready for him, he put himself on the map to get drafted here. One of the most impressive defensive games by an individual in the NCAA Tournament's history.

  6. Upon watching the highlights of this game again I realize how much just pulling up from three was Oregon's offense. If those guarded threes don't go in, game is very different. That was like 70% of their offense


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