Wow, this year has been simply *amazing*, and we couldn’t have done it without you guys :)! So, before we share with you our very first YEARBOOK with the summary of the best books of 2014, we wanted to say THANK YOU.

  • Thank you guys for voting.
  • Thank you for liking, commenting and sharing.
  • And most of all, thank you for caring :).

We love you guys.

So, let’s get down to business. This year brought us soooo many amazing books. Some of those have been published for a while, but we just discovered them or we’re simply rediscovering them (because YES, when we reread a book, it counts as a book you read in that particular year). Some other books have only been released just a few months or even days ago. It doesn’t matter :). What matters is that we READ them and most of all, we ABSOLUTELY LOVED them. So, we asked ourselves:

“What are our favorite books of this year?
What are people’s favorite books of the year?” 

We were so happy to have such a good response from you guys, specially since this is the first time we’re doing this. So, in order to celebrate the awesomeness of this year, we wanted to make a list of the best books we all read throughout the year, but we wanted to make a list that included your opinion, not just ours.

The categories were:

  1. Best new release.
  2. Best young adult.
  3. Best paranormal.
  4. Best book cover.
  5. Best tear-jerker.
  6. Best book boyfriend.
  7. Best book female.
  8. Best book series.
  9. Best standalone.

There were so many good choices, so many wonderful books and authors, we bet it was really hard for you guys to pick. But at the end, we got some winners :).

Note: if any of you’re one of the winning authors and would like to have the image of your book, please email us at lostinabookblog@gmail.com. If you’re a read and just want to have the image, please email us at the same email.

To see the winners, click HERE or click on the image below.


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