Galaxy Note 1 Disassemble Repair & Assemble – Screen & Case Replacement

For spares try which also gives me credit.
Note 2 Screen Replacement
Back Off 1:53
Microphone & USB Socket 3:22
Headphone Jack & Earpiece 4:37
Main Camera Replacement 7:18
Screen & Frame Separation 9:00
Home Key Replacement 13:36
Mainboard On 18:54

Service manual

This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to remove an unbroken screen. I was surprised how easy it lifted once I had the metal frame too hot to touch. I’m not sure what the Samsung recommended temperature is but I think it might be 80c
DIY repairs will void any warranty but may save you $$

Shot with a Panasonic HDC-SD700

Backup battery part number BAT600 (2409-001186)


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45 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 1 Disassemble Repair & Assemble – Screen & Case Replacement”

  1. Thanks for the vid. Helped me exchange the screen on my N7000. However the replaced screen is in all green color. I looked the issue up on the internet, but I have the suspicion it may be due to some connector issue. Have ou any experience regarding such fault? what else could be wrong?
    When the screen has more items to display the actual colours seem to bleed through, but the screen is still well green.
    thx in advance if you take the time to reply.

  2. Hey can you please help me too? There are many but I need to know which brand is good for buying usb port. If you have the link please drop it in reply.

  3. Great instructional vid, thank you . I can resurrect my old N7000 now, it hads been dead for a few years now but still charges and comes to life.

  4. wow this is so helpful and please please i need your help am your new subscriber my Galaxy note 1 has audio problem……..i can play music using loud speaker but if i make a call i cant hear anything even if i insert my headphones but music plays with headphone

  5. Hey can u send me the screen with the metal frame please I have one functional but its display is gone please

  6. Thanks. I used your tutorial to replace the screen of my old Note. Looks like I made a mistake on the way, since the Home button doesn't work anymore now, but that's because I tried to do it too quickly, and I'm confident I will fix it by checking your video more thoroughly. This 2011 phone, thanks to a retired developer on xda, has a fully working 7.1 rom now, and the parts cost next to nothing. Planned obsolescence has lost a battle thanks to you and xda!

  7. Excellent tutorial & a breath of fresh air after watching so many well meant but terrible disjointed and confusing tutorials here on youtube.

  8. Please help! An empty SIM card adaptor got stuck in the SIM card holder in the phone so I followed your video to try to remove back cover. Only got so far as detaching the bottom half but got adaptor out but now the screen is not working. The screen connection was lose. I reconnected but screen is still blank. Phone is working as touch keys light up & there is sound. Please help! Thank you.

  9. i have a note 1 the screen is broken but works, but my wifi does not work when trying to turn it on it tries but then goes out again

  10. my note 1 already dead booth due to wrong firmware can change it with galaxy note shv-160l (korean) board as a replacement? . If yes was there any problem?

  11. anybody know if the usb port is a universal part or specific for the phone? also, where can i get one? thanks
    (i am aware this is very old but im still using the phone so…)

  12. Wow! Can't believe how well made this video is, and how well each step is explained… So much knowledge given freely is a wonderful thing to behold… Thanks a tonne!

  13. Amazing , super detailed… I'm not sure my screens going to come off as smoothly as yours but here's hoping. Thanks for making it.

  14. OMG!!! Just replaced my screen myself following ur vid. (Watched like a million times😁) saved tons of £££ thank u thank you thank u. Proud new techie right here. Hehehehe


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