'Game Shakers' Jokes That Are NOT For KIDS!

Game Shakers is a hilarious show on Nickelodeon about two badass girls who start their own multi-million dollar video game company in the 7th grade. Of course, because this is a Dan Schneider show, there are bound to be tons of dirty jokes in here. Here are the top 6 dirtiest dirty jokes in Game Shakers.

#6 – 00:19 – What the duck?
#5 – 00:52 – Bull sugar
#4 – 01:21 – Noob beach
#3 – 02:00 – Double G sells “grass”
#2 – 02:36 – Rump zone
#1 – 03:14 – Smooth daddy

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21 thoughts on “'Game Shakers' Jokes That Are NOT For KIDS!”

  1. There's the one where dub g wanted to make trip jealous by hanging out with Hudson, at the end dub was supposed to go hang with trip but then a girl called dub on the phone and said she is lonely. Dub said he's gonna come up there and….then trip said they must have fun with each other

  2. You forgot when they went on the hellen show when double g wanted to apoligize for saying the right game and his was stupid at one point hellen asks to sit on his lap then double g says i bet you do .-.

  3. when babe buys a game shakers bench and they have to look after it when it's trip turn he swears cause of the thunder

  4. Nasty Goats: GG: I used to have a girlfriend named Askala. You wanna know what happened with her.
    Game Shakers: No no…..
    Obviously sex

    The was the Nasty Goats episode

  5. Hey guys remember when game shakers made fun about autism? Don’t believe me? Remember the episode were game shakers are making a game for a shrimp company? One of the ceo can’t talk and it is very weird, well his actions could be considered as if he was being autistic.


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