Going fast is our curse – Sonic Heroes : Part 2

And thus, the question is presented: does Sonic go as fast as possible, or does he slow down so Knuckles and Tails can keep up??

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Game Grumps are:
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45 thoughts on “Going fast is our curse – Sonic Heroes : Part 2”

  1. okay so Arin keeps mentioning Sonic's hands like they haven't always been just human hands… this dude has been doing the sassy finger wag since the first game why is he so wrong?

  2. 21:57
    Did Knuckles just say "shit"?
    Isn't this a chlidrens game?
    EDIT: Also I swear Tails says the word "gay" when he trows sonic and Knuckles.

  3. I thought Dan was exaggerating the thumb thing, yeah no he should be insecure about that, his fingers are normal then Mickey Mouse is on the end of his thumb

  4. Arin, Danny pretty much summed it up. If anyone was to think you were a smelly lad, it's the consistent fart and poop talk. Though now I do have an interesting thought to consider because I don't typically consider what YouTubers smell like.

  5. Of all the things they could’ve talked about I never expected them to talk about the OG modern meme “Kilroy was here!”. Just goes to show how eclectic Dan and Arin are as individuals.

  6. Wow, hearing Dan talk about the band Jet brought back some nostalgia. They were pretty mainstream when I was young, and I remember a few of their more popular radio songs being a pretty large part of my childhood. Surprised Arin hasn't even heard of them or that song.

  7. the meme you are thinking of is called "killroy" he was made in WW2 by rivet inspectors who would leave it on work they inspected. fun fact <3

  8. Ayyy killroy. Anyone ever play Brothers in arms hells highway and you could find spots on walls where you could draw him out of chalk or something it was like a collectable Easter egg

  9. kilroy's, ww2 US soldiers drew it supposedly to let other companies know they were previously there, an old timey war meme with actual purpose

  10. Knuckles: "Tails, take out his rotary engines and then Sonic and I will take it from here!"

    Arin: "haha voice from god"

    Arin 20 seconds later: "I don't know what to do."

    spamming team attack works

    I love you guys but I legit scream at this show.

  11. Arin does a homing attack on a flying enemy shooting lightning from below
    Gets hit
    Collects rings
    tries again and gets the same result

    Oh classic arin

  12. Well there is a Mario and Sonic Olympic games on the Wii and ice skating is one of the things you could do

  13. Hey Danny and Arin! The drawing you’re talking about is “Kilroy.” It’s an old cartoon drawn on the World War II memorial in Washington D.C. that had the text “kilroy waz here.” It was used during WWII as an inside joke among American soldiers, and enemies of the ally were trying to figure out what it was. “Is it a secret undercover mission?” “Is it a deadly operation in the making?” However, in the end, it was just a cartoon.


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