Halo Heroes – Episode 1: ODST Buck | Halo | Mega Construx

When ODST Buck crash-lands behind Covenant lines on an alien planet, it’s just another day in the life of a hero. See how it ends in this action-packed toymation — the first in a series featuring Halo Heroes by Halo Mega Bloks!

Stay tuned for more videos celebrating your favorite characters from the Halo Universe!

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Halo Heroes – Episode 1: ODST Buck | Halo | Mega Construx

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25 thoughts on “Halo Heroes – Episode 1: ODST Buck | Halo | Mega Construx”

  1. Espara un minuto si es un S.C.D.O no tiene porque tener escudos y eso se aprecia cuando se ve la vista a primera persona despues de que se baja del drop pod

  2. An absolutely stunning animation beautiful effects and wonderful movement and do I even have to mention how good the sound is but…

    The lore is horrible #1 ODSTs like buck are normal solders but with a powerful armour #2 the elites have shields!! #3 an assault rifle is not that powerful not even close

    But seriously a brilliant stopmotion

  3. Man this is like a Stop Motion movie😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎!!! where’s the next episode ? Animation is beautiful aswell😎


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