Halo Mega Bloks Video Game | Gameplay

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Gameplay Aquí:

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50 thoughts on “Halo Mega Bloks Video Game | Gameplay”

  1. So would there be any way whatsoever to spark this up again? And release this?! Like this would be a big selling point

  2. the idea of this game was good and it could be the first version of halo for kids under 9 years also it could be rated “E“ but something important is missing on this game ,what is that?
    is the aiming it can`t be called a third person shooter if you can`t aim at all
    well too bad that the game was canceled it had potential

  3. Cancelado? Ahh maldita sea, es por cosas como estas que odio los demos y trailers, para qué enseñarle algo grandioso a la comunidad si al final lo cancelas sin más y dejas a todos con las ganas 😒


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