Home Wars Gameplay: ALL BUGS 1000! CUSTOM BATTLES IN SANDBOX MODE – Let's Play Home Wars Gameplay

Home Wars gameplay with Hex! Home Wars gameplay is a sandbox simulation game with custom battles similar to TABS or UEBS. In this Ep 12 of our let’s play Home Wars gameplay series we jump into the custom battles of the game. This Let’s Play series includes gameplay footage, some tips and a quick review at the end.
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Home Wars gameplay features:

Do you hate bugs and arachnids? Seeing them creeps you out? Would you like them to disappear off the face of the Earth? GOOD! This the right game for you! In Home Wars gameplay you’ll play as a General of a toy soldiers army, with the sole purpose of saving the owner’s house from the invasion of those damn bugs.

The Bugs will aim to collect as much food as possible, they will use it to create new lethal Swarms and to evolve their Nest. On the other side, you’ll have to prevent that and get the right resources to create an army able to fight off those creatures.

In this simulation game you can dive into a war which takes place in a family home while no one is watching, this game makes you play as the general in charge of a toy army which is in charge of warring and battling against the invasion. The objective is to take control of the house room by room and defend your residence against the barrage by using home wars gameplay. Your headquarters are located in the room of the youngest child in the house and you must defend it at all costs in order to win this home war.

In this episode we jump once again into the custom battles and create a skirmish in the sandbox mode. In this video we will have all bugs battling against all ally units, we will see how the battle unfolds with every unit vs every unit on the battle field.

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  1. (sees the title) (smashes trough the door shouting alhuakbar) I HEARD THAT EVERYONES GONNA BE GOING AGAINST EVRRYONE!

  2. Custom games are only half the fun, the campaign is soo much more interesting. I think you would prefer it as there is more to do.


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