How To Add USB 3.0 Drivers In Windows 7 Installation – Simple Way

Download 7-Zip:

Download intel USB 3.0 drivers:

Full tutorial for how to install Windows 7 with only USB 3.0 ports:


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27 thoughts on “How To Add USB 3.0 Drivers In Windows 7 Installation – Simple Way”

  1. Sir jo aapane bataya USB mass storage vo aahi nhi rha sirf universal serial bus(usb)controller arha hai jab use open karta hu to :device status yeh hai :-1the driver for this device are not installed (code28)
    2 :-there is no driver selected for the device information set or element
    3 to find a driver for this device .click update driver

  2. It still works !!!. BUT you must have the Drivers folder uncompressed before adding (if not, you will get an error). Also, when installing Windows you must manually search for the drivers form the boot drive (keep searching and rescanning, at the second or 3rd attempt I found a root USB Driver, that worked for me)

  3. Cant use mouse and keyboard in in windows boot install menu. cause of newer pc. Do you have drivers, for that 2? So I can drop them in and actually can install windows 7 on newer pc? Tx for video anyways in case you have no idea about it

  4. I downloaded the USB 3.0 drivers from your link but I am unable to simply throw the file onto a windows installation CD and have it copy . Keeps saying "Access Denied ' even though I took complete control over it

  5. dont see this working. drivers need to be implemented in the setup before they will work. they have to be loaded @ boot before the setup can even start.


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