How To Price Your Board Games – The Board Gamer's Guide To Collecting

So you want to sell your board games? It makes sense really…if they’re just sitting there not being played, you may as well turn them into cash to continue to buy more games (or pay your mortgage…no judgement here). But where do you start? Where do you sell them? How much do you sell them for? How do you navigate shipping them or packing them?

This video is the first in a series of videos called “The Board Gamer’s Guide to Collecting” and it’s meant to be a source of ways to build your collection affordably, how to sell or trade the games you aren’t playing, how to manage the balance between work and return, how to save more money while continuing to grow your collection year over year. Board games get better each year, but they don’t get cheaper….you have to start somewhere.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:40 – Why People Overprice Their Games
0:08:40 – How To Price Games You’re Selling
0:16:03 – Conclusion

Helpful Links, all using Mombasa as an example:
Amazon –
BoardGamePrices –
Ebay –
BoardGameGeek –
BoardGameCo –

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29 thoughts on “How To Price Your Board Games – The Board Gamer's Guide To Collecting”

  1. You’ll be envious of how lean my collection is. I have one shelf that holds around 180 games and I made a pact with myself to stop buying when my shelf was full of games that see table time. 3 months later, and no new purchases! let’s see how long I last.

  2. This is the kind of game I would not mind playing, but I have very little interest in spending money on, and I think I will survive if I "miss out".

  3. Alex, you're awesome. I wish I lived close to you so I could game with you. Thanks for the great advice and I'm looking forward to more in the series.
    I'm a miniature painter (slightly above average skill level) and I'm wondering if having part of the minis in a used game increases or decreases the value of it when reselling. I painted about 30 Sine Tempore models before I realized I wasn't enjoying playing it, and then decided to sell.

  4. How you recommand to rate painted games ? Knowing that there are different level of painting : fully or partially painted, badly painted, tabletop painted or nicely semi-pro painted

  5. I feel that two things ultimately govern the value of any game: either how much a buyer is prepared to pay, or how much is a seller prepared to sell for. There are some wonderful games that just don't command much value second hand. Equally, the cult of the new often sees relatively average titles commanding obscene values.

  6. I just got into board games a couple years ago. I never thought I’d ever have to worry about making space by selling/trading unplayed games lol. And now I’m nearly there… Good info here, thanks!

  7. How does the painting of minis factor into this in your opinion?
    What I mean is that I like to paint miniature games before I play them. Normally, I even don't playtest them before painting, because, if I like the game, I don't want to pause it to paint for a few weeks. Now, I have a few big KS on the way, like Oathsworn or Stormsunder and I'm on the fence if I can procede this method. On the one hand, they are atmospheric and I think they loose a lot if I play them grey or pause them. On the other hand, I kind of justified the price points with "I can probably make my money back if I don't like them", but if I paint them and play them, at that point, it is months after relase and the market is probably worse plus I probably don't want to sell them even if I don't like the gameplay because painting something for dozens of hours kinda makes you grow attached to it.
    Now, if I would decide to paint first and then decide to sell anyways, I'd like to know if the paintjob is pretty decent to good, how would that affect the price from your experience? Can you take a lot more to compensate for the dozens of hours of labor or does it make it even harder to sell because people like to paint themselves or something in between? I don't really want to make money with my paiting or anything, I just want to know if it still would be "worth" to paint first and risk it…
    Thanks in advance and sorry for the lenghty question, but I thought I'd be specific so you know where I am coming from!

  8. I subbed to your channel very interesting info. I do find in BGG auctions you will get the Amazon chiding, but people forget Amazon 2 day free shipping is not free you must be paying a yearly or monthly fee to get that shipping. If you aren't an Amazon Subscriber you still have to pay shipping.

  9. Can you discuss selling miniature games that have been painted. I paint my mini games, I'm no professional so I paint to please myself, but when it's time to move the game I wonder if the fact that they are painted will affect the price or desirability.

  10. I can’t sell my copy of Mombasa that I literally have played once in over a year b/c I bought it in Munich and carted it home. It was my souvenir. That plus it is a great game and I know it’ll get played again and it will be THAT souvenir copy that will remind me of the experience buying it. Ditto for Russian Railroads I bought in Dijon over two years ago. (Clearly, I fall into the player/collector box on the grid). 🙂

  11. Is your game website your only income source or do you have another job and the game selling is just a side thing. I sell on ebay, I built up fast enough when I was younger that it pays all the bills for 20+ years now. Just curious.

  12. This was a good video and a good idea for a new video series. Another reason people ask more than the going rate on a game or anything on facebook marketplace, craigslist, ebay etc is you often expect the usual people making you lower offers on stuff you are selling, so if you start high/too high it works out in the end. either you do this or ask what you want and ignore offer people.

  13. Unfortunately, I live in Asia where its very hard to sell boardgames via the resale market (Due to not enough demand) but thanks for the video anyways.

  14. Well, maybe you could do a round House Kick for all the Publishers. What you think of them, how they delivered. Only the Bigger ones, or those that will die more games.
    Like what about this strange Monolith Projekt they cancled. Or Mythic Games Produktion Quality. Or the overall Quality of Awaken Realms.

    Would like to hear your thoughts about it. Until now, only KoA is talking about it.

  15. I heavily appreciate you are sharing you bg market experience with us. 
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    What i would also like to see is a buying guide for sleeves.

  16. Great video as always, recently found your channel and subbed:)
    Off topic question, what do you think about Eutia’s Legendary Pledge? Worth upgrading?

  17. Definitely a few things that have affected the selling prices of the games I’ve sold. 1. OOP games can sell for the same if not more if there sought after 2. Exclusives and promos and hard to get expansions can up the value games sell for 3. Complete sets of games can sell for quite a bit especially if all original boxes, components and inserts are original or better. I’ve sold both Runebound 2nd Edition and BattleLore first edition for the same amount I bought them for plus shipping due to this.

  18. Sell games? Do people actually do that? 😂
    Seriously, great video. I recently found your channel and am now subbed👍

  19. So, my games are treated exceptionally well and are all complete, save for the inserts. So many of my games have had the inserts removed to accommodate for sleeved cards or alternative organizational features. Most of my games include one or more expansions and alas those boxes are absent as well.
    How does that effect things as it pertains to selling to places like BGCo. or others as well as ebay listings?

  20. Painted vs unpainted miniature games would be an interesting topic. I think you have games that appeal to people who are likely to paint, so painting is a negative or quality expectations are really high. Then you have some board games that may appeal to wider audience in which someone could be willing to pay a premium for a painted game. I sold Mice and Mystics painted pretty quickly for $220 for that reason. Collections (core + 20 expansions) is another interesting topic because it often means the buyer would have to be someone likely with nothing for the game but willing to go “all in”.

  21. Completed listings on Ebay will still bring up overpriced stuff that didn't sell. Sold listings is what you should click on as it would only show you what has successfully sold.


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