How to use FCE Ultra (AMAZING NES EMULATOR) + Game Genie

This is a short video on how to use the FCE Ultra nes emulator. I made this video because its sad how there are barely any gamers using this emulator anymore. Below I will include links to the emulator itself, the rom for Super Mario Bros. and a link to my video including many game genie codes for Super Mario Bros.. Note that game genie works for any nes game including hacks and mods so go crazy!

FCE Ultra :

Super Mario Bros. NES Rom :

Game Genie Codes for SMB :

Enjoy screwing up your NES games!


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20 thoughts on “How to use FCE Ultra (AMAZING NES EMULATOR) + Game Genie”

  1. Hey actually, I am not able to play the game using laptop's keyboard. Can you help how can i configure so that keyboard will work for it? Or if it works then can you tell the control keys for it?

  2. does anyone know how to get the online aspect of this working?  I've seen it on there but I don't know any servers to go to.

  3. In FCEUX, you put Game Genie codes in Tools > Cheats. The PIGPOG works there.

    If you really want to be authentic, you can load the real Game Genie ROM. PIGPOG works there too. Read the Help on how to do it.

  4. Hey UltimateSuperDude100 I have an issue, I used another version of FCE ultra and it never lags, I downloaded your version and this one lags a little bit … any ideas what I can do to help it? Thanks.

  5. Are you a girl that's pretty cool your into retro games most chicks like my girlfriend I give her a controller not plugged in and tell her she is playing on and off every time I die its her turn and when she dies its my turn and so on but I never even turn her controller on and she is so naïve when it comes to games to this day she is 21 a graduate student and still thinks she's a gamer haha if she wasn't so hott I don't know but its co to learn other chicks are out there into retro games

  6. I have FCE Ultra modded to my Original Xbox. It also has a Game Genie cheat screen & uses ROM addresses to cheat. Do you know hoaw to upload additional games to it by chance? I only have a few games on it. Most SMB 1, 2, & 3, Double Dragon 1, 2, & 3, Double Dragon 4 (which is a hacked version of Target: Renegade), Joust, Donkey Kong Classics, Contra, Contra Force, Zelda 1 & Zelda 2 which is the vast majority of them. I was hoping to get more but don't know how. I bought it from my brother.


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