HUGE BOARD GAME STORE & HAUL! || Weekly Vlog #31

Hey guys! This week was a pretty uneventful week but Francis and I did have a fun day on Thursday going to a HUGE board game store and picking up some new board games! Thought I would bring you guys along on our journey and show you what we picked up! ENJOY!

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28 thoughts on “HUGE BOARD GAME STORE & HAUL! || Weekly Vlog #31”

  1. There is no "the" because the house's name is house on the hill. Just like you would say, let's go to McDonald's not the McDonald's

  2. It's not that easy to be a board gamer here in Italy. I can find them online only and the prices are really really high! 😣 I'm a solo board gamer so I have to constantly look for games that are not found here. I want a store like that 💞

  3. I would love to see how you store your board games… Love boards games books music… I am a nerd through in through… Do you like card games and play them?…

  4. MY WORLDS ARE COLLIDING THIS IS CRAZY (my boyfriend reviews games for The Dice Tower and I used to host a boardgame podcast, and I have a sticker shop 🤣)

  5. What would be your top 3 family games? We have a collection starting so we have speak out, clue, monopoly those types of games but looking for some more not mainstream family games to play with our kids and friends with kids.

  6. Hey Jenna I absolutely love your channel, the vlogs, the PWM, the sticker reveals, all I love, but my mom come to visit me about two weeks ago, her girlfriend got together and wanted me to play a card game with them, called Dirty Minds, believe me it i hilarious, basically you get “dirty” clues to guess something not dirty at all, example you will get “dirty” clues to describe a toaster….I enjoyed it and its on my list to purchase, ok into it and see if you may like it….Hope you re doing Vlog-mas this year cause I totally enjoy your vlogs during the holidays and your decorations….

  7. I love playing board games Small World and Caverna are some of my favorites. Also, random throwback but it's so cool seeing how confidently you're driving now. I remember your vlogs when you were talking about getting your G2 and all your nerves. Love your videos!

  8. If you like horror board games I highly recommend Fury of Dracula too!! The rules are really convoluted as there's a lot going on! Also, prepare for your first game or two to take about 5 or 6 hours because of constant rule look ups haha but it's a really fun concept and is a 1 vs many type of game.
    I would also highly highly highly recommend Kingdom Death: Monster as it is my favorite horror board game ever! It's heavily story driven as you fight extremely horrifying monsters. That being said, it is the biggest board game investment you'll probably ever make so I don't often recommend it for people just starting to build a collection. It's very expensive and also extremely time consuming. Takes at least a few months to fully play the whole campaign but it will honestly depend on how often you play, how long each session is, and how much you and the other players argue over decisions lol

  9. That board game store was huge!!! Wow, you got some exciting games….never heard but maybe someday would like to try!!! Glad you got your bookcase and it didnt take you long to put it together.🙂👍🏽💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  10. If you like horror board games, Mansions of Madness is super fun, but the games are really long. Like all night or 2 shorter sessions for completing the game. There's an app that you download to go with it, so it's really atmospheric with the narration and visuals.

  11. I would love to know if you have any recommendations on play through channels or any board game channels you like. I love you sharing this side of your life!

  12. I never get that lucky at Plato’s Closet 😭 seems to vary on location though. Also, all those Halloween mugs at Homesense OMG 🖤🎃

  13. My fiance and I are board game geeks too!! There's this board game I played as a kid. It's called Atmosfear or Nightmare. It's a horror VHS/DVD board game (when I had it, it was VHS. LOL). You should definitely look into it. I remember being scared as a kid but idk about now. lol 😀

  14. Ooh, I’ve driven past J&Js for years and have never gone in – thanks for the sneak peak! Definitely need to stop in sometime now!

  15. I don't know if you have it in Canada, but 'Alhambra' is a good game too. It's easy, fast and fun to play

  16. I was wondering if you had tried JnJs. You should try going to Games On Tap, it’s just up the street from JnJs. It’s a great date night place that has a ton of games, you go you pick whatever games you want to play and they also serve food and drinks. It’s a great way of trying out games before purchasing as games can get pricey for good ones.

  17. Can you recommend (either in a video or reply) good games for 2 people? Most games aren’t fun for 2 but I’d love to play with my bf just the two of us


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