Kingdom Hearts III coop relay by mistmaster1, CrispyMe and ninten866 in 3:12:02 SGDQ2019

Runner introduction starts at 00:03
Run starts at 00:20
Feasel interviews Dode at 3:26:17
Couch commentary is provided by BIZKIT047
SakuraTsubasa is host.

This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2019, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2019 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2019, find us at:

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45 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts III coop relay by mistmaster1, CrispyMe and ninten866 in 3:12:02 SGDQ2019”

  1. I've never seen this speed ran before. Games Done Quick makes the world of speed running very very interesting! I'm sold.

  2. Mistmaster1 is a speedrunner? Man, I remember watching his video on how to beat Phantom in KH1. Does he post his speedruns on Youtube?

  3. I like how the magic build plays a huge role in this run rather than traditional physical attacks and combos. I find that very interesting and intriguing. (Even though its beginner mode but whatever)

  4. 2:04:20 I don't understand what happened here. Donald used cure on Sora, yet Sora did the cure animation himself? Does this always happen?

  5. How these gamers talk as fast as they play with such expertise is beyond me haha! A lot of fun to watch though! Good job!

  6. Ehm they said that going through the lightning in Monstropolis is frame perfect. I don't know about that one tho. I manage to do it everytime. Just superslide when you think that one step further will get you shocked. Works for me

    And btw did you know you can chain air slides on the way down too? But this is super precise since you have to air slide before you hit the ground. If Sora follows the ground on the way down you can chain them.

  7. I wasn't super hype about KH3 but I like watching people play it, when it came out and I heard there was not going to be any FF characters I was like….if its KHs with FF stuff its not KH

  8. Holy shit. I discovered the air slide attack thing on my own and thought it might be helpful for speedruns. Cool to see that I was right.

  9. 1:14:42 Let It Go (Frozen)

    1:44:44 I Can Go The Distance (Hercules)

    2:39:06 I See The Light (Tangled)


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