Kingdom Hearts III – Platinum Trophy Run

Here is my Platinum Trophy run for KH3 that I promised on Twitch. Was surprised at how fast it was. Run was mostly smooth, bad Postcard luck (really felt like I should get Gourmand Ring to be safe w/ingredients), messed up final egg twice, and wasted a few mins looking for 1 chest, but Synth luck seemed pretty solid.

As far as a run goes, this definitely feels less exciting than a 2FM Plat Trophy Run, if not mostly for the lack of having to fight multiple superbosses and also not having a difficulty trophy or no reason to want to play Crit (Lucky Lucky’s in 2FM Crit for Synthing). I’d also have subbed out 200 ship grinding and 5k kills for a difficulty trophy imo.

Run FAQ:


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28 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts III – Platinum Trophy Run”

  1. So I didn't have to get a score at all? I could totally fail and I'd set a high score? Sheesh, I've been playing the CK games as I get them and trying to get a score. I think when I got the scores in Barnyard Sports which was the last CK game I completed, I couldn't beat the jumps as mashing alternating buttons to run and then jumping was impossible for me. Wow, Square-Enix don't care about you playing their 1920's style LED games. XD

  2. I genuinely can't believe a human could possibly sit through platting this game. I'll 100% 2 over and over but 3 is such a slog to complete. Ultima weapon alone was unbelievably annoying for me

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    Just got to 3:23:00 and thought I'd share a bit of insight

  4. Do you always do speed run your not even fan of the game speed run other games stop playing kingdom hearts if your not in to the story or the characters or the there backgrounds like I said play other that involved with speed runs!!??

  5. I'm assuming this was done with an HDD, I wonder if an SSD would affect it by more than just a few minutes.

  6. Imagine the DLC adding new trophies to the game like beating Critical… After you've already done it just to obtain the Oblivion Proof

  7. Is the Verum Rex Trophy easier to obtain in Beginner Mode? It's my nemesis… I'm not cut to fight with Robots… ( ≧Д≦)

  8. Can any one give me a time stamp on the frozen mini game and gummi boss for the ultimate weapon my two biggest problems right now


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