Korg PA900: Recording a song

In this segment of the Pa900 Video Manual, we’ll take an in depth look at how to record a song using the Pa900.

The Pa900 is a powerful addition to Korg’s acclaimed Pa-series. It’s equipped with 61 semi–weighted keys with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch, as well as a powerful two-way speaker system, a versatile TC Helicon 3-voice Vocal Processor with 4 dedicated effects and a large 7″ TouchView TFT display and more. It offers users a new palette of sounds to impress any audience, and an enormous range of Styles covering musical genres from around the world. With its superior sound, sleek design, and powerful two-way speaker system, the Pa900 is an ideal musical partner for any performance or songwriting session. The Pa900 packs all this in a high‐quality instrument featuring aluminum side-panels and a silver body to provide a prestigious look on any stage.

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13 thoughts on “Korg PA900: Recording a song”

  1. This is mamdsa thanks alot for the video I'm planning on getting my first keyboard. I have done alot of work solo but I plan on doing more Margo and Mayme Dream Squad Administrative inc Records

  2. It never shows the sheet music?? My super cheap yamaha model that I bought in 2003 showed my sheet music that I recorded on the screen

  3. I have got a problem in my Pa900. In my PSR 950, I can make a recording with a kareoke midi track (or mp3 track) while playing and singing to a mic attached to the unit and make a quality audio track in to the USB stick. However in Pa900 I cannot do so as the recording takes place only in style play mode ( in this mode you cannot play midi or mp3 songs). This is really a deficiency in Pa900 and is there anybody who knows how to overcome this issue? I mean to create an audio file using a midi tract in the usb mixing with mic input?

  4. There's a lie in the video. "It will record any audio created by the PA900…" That's not true. What is played by the sequencer cannot be recorded! So if you do a performance with the sequencer you cannot record it as an audio file.

  5. Полностью согласен. Секвенсор лучший и главное достоинство секвенсора – делать многократное наложение партий на каждый канал. Я играю плохо и мне это очень помогает. Я очень люблю KORG !


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