Kristaps Porzingis DEEP 3-Pointers Montage

Kristaps Porzingis DEEP Threes Compilation
Kristaps is evolving this season and is on the step of thriving in the NBA. The last few games without MVP-Candidate Luka Doncic made the Mavericks even better as a team. The “Unicorn” has been a big part of the team success the last weeks, he’s been putting up big points, rebounds and blokcs – defenfing his rim.

Last Week KP and the Mavericks punished the best team in the NBA – the Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Porzingis made back to back deep splashes against the reigning MVP. Kristaps has been making deep 3-Pointers the whole season – making clutch threes from beyond the three point line and even
from half court. He’s had 3 Splashes from the Dallas’ Logo.

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  1. His a center in nba which also one of my favorite player a 7'3 guy who can play around in basketball


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