LEGO Halo may Announce soon!

Halo may get a LEGO game, 343 Industries has once thought about expanding to a younger audience, and they may have started thinking about it again.
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39 thoughts on “LEGO Halo may Announce soon!”

  1. I would not really like halo to go full kids mode. But maybe 1 or 2 lego halo games will be nice.

    I am interested in a lego halo game.

  2. If it ever happens, it would probably have parts where they try to make it funny just like any other lego game instead of keeping the seriousness of the actual game

  3. I would love to see a Halo LEGO game, customization has always been something I love about LEGO games, being able to customize your own Spartan, Elite, and Promethean would be awesome

  4. Don't make a Lego Halo game just make Halo merchandise like Halo Legos but please for the love of god don't make a Lego Halo game

  5. mega block or constructs whatever that call them self's that would never let that happen and you can not pose Legos as well as you can pose mega block some collector would be annoyed and probably stop motion peaple would be annoyed

  6. There was meant to be a mega bloks halo game ( I’m pretty sure there was ) they ended up canceling it but I would totally play it

  7. I think halo should stay with mega block , because the mega figure better represant the character , but it woukd be awesom to see a mega block halo game

  8. Yep i think it is a good idea i am a 10 year old who plays halo for an hour. I didn't have to say that right? . ….

  9. Yea I when I was little I was like wait what would happen to halo as LEGO. Like just imagine what your costume character would look like with the helmet.

  10. the reason people like lego game is that they offer a more light hearted and comedic approach to the franchise they are portraying with out affecting the cannon giving you a break from the high amount of violence fps games, and they are enjoyable for people of all ages and can be a good way to get younger people in to a series without making the developers having to make the game less violent so every one can enjoy a franchise.

  11. I am young but I love All the halos even reach they are all good but I love the game for its blood so looking good I love halo for its story how it looks


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