Meet Perusing Princesses!

Meet Kelly, Elizabeth & Emma!

We are self-proclaimed Princesses who love nothing more than to read and review. Our book blog website launched on June 1st 2013.

Perusing Princesses is a book blog page. We embrace all works of romantic fiction from self-published and Indie authors, as well as the highly successful represented authors. We are quite eclectic in our taste and cover many genre’s, from YA, New YA, Contemporary romance, paranormal romance and Erotica and everything else in between. We especially love our Alpha Males, Tattooed bad boy bikers and Rock Stars! But hey…who doesn’t?!


Some of their favorite reads:

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Some of their favorite genres:

We are suckers for MC novels. we really love various romance genres such as, new adult, contemporary romance, romance, and we have a wicked side and really love the erotica and the darker romance/thriller genres as well.

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