Meet Southern Belle Book Blog!

Meet Erin & Katie!

We are two ladies, one from Oklahoma and one from Pennsylvania (who Erin attempts every day to talk into moving to Oklahoma) with a mutual love of romance novels. We mainly focus on Contemporary/New Adult/Young Adult romance. We text about the books we love, books we might not love as much, authors we adore ALL the time. So we thought, why not make a blog and talk about those books and authors with other fans. We try to keep a new review up at least every few days, and cover reveals/blog tours probably every single day. We also have giveaways, favorites, spotlights, and everything else in between. Find us on Facebook, because we’re on all day everyday. We hope to make this a very interactive blog and love love love to talk to everyone. – Bio from website

Some of Erin & Katie’s favorite reads:

It was the never ending list.

Some of their favorite genres:


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