Men We Love: Finn Van Brunt



  • finnFinn Van Brunt.


  • Heather Lyons.


  • His family.

In One Word:

  • Loyal.

Why We Love Him:

Oh.My.Finn!!!! There are soooo many reasons to love this guy, we don’t even know where to begin. For those who’ve read The Collectors’ Society know where he comes from, and may have an idea of what he’s been through. For those of you who haven’t read TCS, well, you should, because there aren’t a lot of book boyfriends as loyal, and trustworthy, and heart-melting, and swoon-worthy, as Finn. We absolutely adore him. He’s the bravest of them all. He’s the kindest, the sweetest. He’s a total gentleman. What’s not to love? You guys need to read TCS so you can meet this amazing book boyfriend.

Have you started it? No? What are you waiting for? GO! 🙂

Some Quotes:

“This pull, this understanding. It’s the best kind of magic. It’s the kind that makes me want to believe in fairy tales -the good kind. The kind where the endings have hope.

“Our story is just getting started, and no damn author is going to write it. We will. Together. We’re going to write that book she wants. Our ending is ours to find.” 

Book he’s in:

TheCollectorsSociety  The Hidden Library



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