Men We Love: Gustov Hawthorne



  • gusGustov Hawthorne.


  • Kim Holden.


  • Music.

In One Word:

  • Loyal.

Why We Love Him:

Have you ever met a character that is so perfect, and so good, that you can’t get him out of your mind? Even if it’s been days since you finished the book? Even if you’ve met other amazing book boyfriends after you met him? Well, if there’s someone like that, it’s Gus. Gus (aka the Rock-God) is just the kind of guy you want to have around, the kind of guy you fall in love with, and think about him day and night. He’s a musician, and a really good one, hence the nickname. We wish we could just listen to him sing. He loves, and cares, and listens, and believes, with all his heart. He lives his life with so much passion. When he talks, he only speaks the truth. He’s honest, and he’s true to his heart.

Some Quotes:

“I’ve given up on life. Or life’s given up on me. Either way I’m done. Finish me.”

 “I love you, Bright Side.”

Book he’s in:









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