Men We Love: Jon Scott



  • Jon Augustus Scott2


  • Lori L. Otto

His passion: 

  • Art / Architecture

In one word:

  • Passionate

Why we love him: 

Oh my, Jon. Jon Scott. This guy will melt your heart for sure. He’s the kind of guy who’s incredibly honest, with himself and others around him. His life hasn’t been easy, but he’s learned so much from it and he embraces it and does everything to fix whatever that needs fixing. His love for Olivia, and his love for his brother is just perfect. He’s smart and modest, he’s confident but not cocky, and we believe he also goes by the name of Logan Lerman. He’s very determined, and when his mind is set on something, he’ll do whatever it’s in his power to have it or do it. He believes in himself, and that confidence makes you believe anything is possible. We adore him because of everything he is and what he represents.

Some quotes:

“You’re the moon and the sun, Olivia. I’ve seen both in you, and right now, I can’t tell which one I love more.
You’re my universe. You encompass me.
My heaven and my earth.
My Olivia.
My life.”

“You are my soul mate, by my definition: the person without whom my soul will not rest.”

Books he’s in:

Contessa  Olivia  Dear Jon  Livvy by Lori L. Otto


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