Men We Love: Lincoln Ross



  • Lincoln Ross


  • Megan Squires


  • Trudy (His VW van)

In One Word:

  • Optimistic

Why We Love Him:

Lincoln is a breath of fresh air. His humor can brighten even your darkest day. His optimism is unwavering, even when he has every reason to hate the world. He hasn’t had an easy life, but he doesn’t let that get him down. In fact, it’s made him a stronger person. His struggles have made him who he is today, and that is a guy who is loyal, trustworthy, and honest. His humor and outlook on like are so refreshing. You really can’t help but fall for him.

Some Quotes:

“Are you worried that I will overshadow you with my impressive foxtrot and hypnotizing hip moves with my first-place-ribbon-winning samba?”
“Yes, that’s exactly it. You got me.”

“I’m incurably in love with you, Eppie.” His full lips kissed the corner of my mouth lightly. “Incurably.” 

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