Men We Love: Nate Wilson




Books he’s in:

NTBS  L&F book1  TSS  NLB

Title: The Trascendent Artist book boyfriend

Why we love him: to say we love Nate sure is an understatement. But yeah, we LOVE him. Nate Wilson is the guy every girl wants to be with and he tends to love them back. But he never truly gives his heart away, because it belongs to his best friend of thirteen years. Always has and always will. He’s an artist. He’s passionate and intense and sweet and loyal and oh so swoon-worthy guy. For us, Nate is and always will be Emi’s soulmate.If you haven’t met Nate, we recommend you to do it.. soon! 

We are team Nate all.the.way! We like him, we love him and we miss him like crazy.


Some quotes:

“one transcendent kiss
that later makes lovers take
soft breaths, holding hands” 

“…but patience is what will bring Emi to me,
the man who will love her best…

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5 thoughts on “Men We Love: Nate Wilson

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  2. Kaylin Fulp

    Can you please tell me what the guy in the picture’s real name is? Honestly, this is exactly how I pictured Nate when I read about him. Great job!


    1. lostinabookblog

      Hi Katlin! That’s Chase Crawford. Daniela thought he’d be the perfect Nate and I agree 🙂 -Soreonne


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