Men We Love: West Rutledge



West Rutledge


Michele G. Miller

His passion: 


In one word:


Why we love him: 

He’s mysterious, intriguing, and he’s a pillar of strength. At first, you think he’s just a typical misunderstood bad boy, but he is so much more than that. He was there for Jules, to protect her and be her anchor when her world came crashing down. He is loyal, resilient, and passionate. He latches onto your heart before you even realize it, and he refuses to let go.

Some quotes:

“We’re young and stupid… but I sweat to God, I’ve never wanted anything more than I want this- us – to work.”

“Our past will make us stronger, Jules. You and I, we’re going to be invincible.”

Books he’s in:

House damaged by disasterHouse damaged by disasterHouse damaged by disaster

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One thought on “Men We Love: West Rutledge

  1. Heather Bouaziz

    This series is fantastic. I would love to have them turned into a movie or a mini series.


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