Men We Love: Will Ryan



  • Will Ryan


  • Renée Carlino

His passion: 

  • Music

In one word:

  • Spirited

Why we love him: 

Will Ryan is just the kind of guy you’ll fall in love immediately, there’s no other way around it. He has this special way of seeing and living his life that it’ll only make you smile. He’s full of positivity and possibilities. He is funny and loving and reliable and trust worthy and he’s the kind of guy you’d like to have around. You should meet Will, he will make you smile, and laugh, and he will definitely fill your heart with nothing but LOVE.

Some quotes:

“Whatever you need me to be, I’ll be! Friends? Fine! Best friends? Great! I’ll do it, because I want you in my life more than anything I have ever wanted.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked. “I just want to get wasted with you and find out if there is a god,” he murmured into my neck before tugging on my earlobe with his teeth.”

Books he’s in:

Sweet Thing  Sweet Little Thing


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